Trend Report: Nichiha’s Wood Series
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Trend Report: Nichiha’s Wood Series

Do you dare to use wood in your designs? Designers of all types are using the look of wood to highlight different areas of their projects. Nichiha is happy to assist designers by providing them with our Wood Series. Nichiha's VintageWood and RoughSawn panels are being used to bring life to all types of buildings. Check out our trend report for a list of wood trends and how Nichiha's Wood Series is impacting each area.

Accent Walls

The look of wood is a great feature when highlighting an accent wall on the interior of a building. It catches the eye and stands out against more standard wall treatments. Often wood is used to create a warm atmosphere and make an interior space feel comfortable and natural. The texture and color play a role in creating the warmth that designers are after. Nichiha's Wood Series is a great option for interior applications. Designers love that it gives the look and feel of natural wood and it easily installed with a clip installation system. They also like the flexibility of being able to install it vertically and horizontally.

Nichiha VintageWood

Modern Homes

Modern home designers are seeking the clean, but also warm look of wood to add depth to their stark designs. The look of wood often adds the perfect contrast against sleek modern materials like concrete. The amount of modern homes that are incorporating the look of wood is staggering. Often Nichiha's VintageWood is used to highlight the sharp angles of modern architecture. Modern homes use VintageWood on both interior and exterior applications. This provides a consistent design from the outside through the inside of the home.

Nichiha VintageWood and ArchitecturalBlock


The look of wood is trending in exterior applications. It is used as both an accent and the main feature. Commercial and residential exteriors use wood for both contemporary and rustic designs. Nichiha's Wood Series offers a unique solution to exterior applications as it is a much more durable product than natural wood cladding. Designers do not have to worry about fading colors, rotting and pests when they use the Wood Series. With natural wood cladding, all of these things are a concern and regular maintenance is required. The drawbacks of wood turn many designers away from natural wood and toward using the look of Nichiha's Wood Series.

Nichiha RoughSawn

Paired with other Cladding Styles

Alternative cladding textures often come to life when paired with wood. It is trending to use a variety of cladding materials and wood is frequently placed against two or more additional materials. What's great about Nichiha's Wood Series is that designers are able to obtain the look of wood and other cladding styles from one source. Since all product finishes and textures are installed with the same system, projects only require one type of installer. This ensures projects are completed on time and within budget.

Nichiha VintageWood and Illumination

National Brands

Many national brands in the retail, restaurant, convenience store, and hospitality sectors are incorporating the look of wood into their store fronts. They are highlighting wood as an accent on the exteriors of their buildings and using it to help maintain brand consistency across all store locations. A great number of brands are turning to Nichiha's Wood Series to help them achieve the look they are after. They appreciate that Nichiha offers a low maintenance solution that will not require frequent repairs and upkeep. National brands also appreciate the ease of installation with Nichiha's Wood Series which helps their cash registers get up and going more quickly.

Nichiha RoughSawn, Illumination, and LedgeStone

Nichiha's Wood Series is making quite the statement on all types of projects. Have you spotted our VintageWood or RoughSawn in your area? Be sure to share the projects you've spotted through the comments section below or by uploading a photo to social media using #NichiChat.

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