Case Studies

Minnesota Health Clinic Relies on Nichiha for Extreme Weather Protection

Health care facilities are among the most vital brick-and-mortar buildings globally. Patients and visitors place their trust in their health care providers at a time of great need and vulnerability. Likewise, providers must keep their focus on their roles and their patients, unencumbered by other ancillary burdens.

Architect Clads Home with Nichiha Following Use on Client Project

Architects are often the arbiters of styles and trends in the building and construction industry. In their designs, they have a unique opportunity to specify a multitude of materials that push the boundaries of design and performance.

Innovative Home Showcasing Sustainable Living wears Nichiha Cladding

Known as Studio 804, the not-for-profit 501(c)(3) operation is a student-run effort to fully construct a home from concept to creation. The project serves as an academic capstone for aspiring architects and helps them better understand the considerations in place when building a unique, Avant Garde design that holds sustainability as a core tenet.

Nichiha Becoming Turn-To Brand for High-Traffic Eateries

Florida's intense sun, volatile tropical weather, and hurricane risk mean that building materials must be up to the task of defending contents and occupants from water and other hazards. For QDI Construction, Nichiha cladding provides consistent, high-end looks that withstand mother nature, higher traffic, and delivers exceptional return on investment.

The Bedford Center YMCA

In 2017, Bedford, TX voters authored a $70-million General Obligation Parks Bond that facilitated the creation of a massive, 82,000-square-foot facility to serve the community. Dubbed “The Bedford Center YMCA,” the multi-use complex sits on the former site of the Bedford Boys Ranch that housed boys who were wards of the court.

Gateway Lofts Use Nichiha AWP to Reflect Neighborhood Personality

Gateway Lofts: 4400 and 4440 Manchester. The twin St. Louis loft buildings used Nichiha's Illumination architectural wall panels to reflect the neighborhood's personality with colorful, unique fiber cement cladding.

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