Case Studies

Bold Firehouse Looks with an Emphasis on First Responder Health

When it came to the building envelope for this new fire house, planners relied on Nichiha to upend the traditional firehouse look. Two years of planning led to a truly special design, the construction of a model fire station for others nationwide.

Children’s Specialty Care Center Relies on Nichiha for Enduring Beauty

Located just 15 miles southwest of the Gateway Arch National Park, St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center serves the children and families of the southern portions of St. Louis County, MO. The center is home to laboratory and imaging services, a pharmacy, and a multitude of specialists and clinical services. It also includes the venerable Washington University Physicians outpatient clinics, offering everything from cardiology to neurosurgery.

Canadian Heritage Design Made Possible with Nichiha

The New Brunswick city of Saint John is in the midst of a renaissance. This transition has been deliberate, with a written “Population Growth Framework” serving as the north star for the initiative. A facet of this effort is to attract residents to the city’s historic downtown area.

Minnesota Health Clinic Relies on Nichiha for Extreme Weather Protection

Health care facilities are among the most vital brick-and-mortar buildings globally. Patients and visitors place their trust in their health care providers at a time of great need and vulnerability. Likewise, providers must keep their focus on their roles and their patients, unencumbered by other ancillary burdens.

Architect Clads Home with Nichiha Following Use on Client Project

Architects are often the arbiters of styles and trends in the building and construction industry. In their designs, they have a unique opportunity to specify a multitude of materials that push the boundaries of design and performance.

Innovative Home Showcasing Sustainable Living wears Nichiha Cladding

Known as Studio 804, the not-for-profit 501(c)(3) operation is a student-run effort to fully construct a home from concept to creation. The project serves as an academic capstone for aspiring architects and helps them better understand the considerations in place when building a unique, Avant Garde design that holds sustainability as a core tenet.

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