Get the Popular Wood Siding Look Without Wood Drawbacks
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Get the Popular Wood Siding Look Without Wood Drawbacks

Wood continues to be an incredibly popular siding material, and it’s not hard to see why. Wood has a timeless look that creates instant curb appeal, loved by both builders and home buyers. It also lends itself to many types of home design, whether you’re creating a family home or building a modern masterpiece.

But, as home builders know, using wood for exterior house siding does have its drawbacks. And as home buyers become ever more discerning, builders are looking for materials that not only look great but perform well too. 

If you want to build a home with siding that looks like wood but avoids its drawbacks, fiber-cement siding may be the solution you’re looking for.  

Beauty and Function

Choosing the right siding for homes can make or break a buyer’s first impression. Siding will affect the overall aesthetics of the home, so it’s important to find an exterior house siding that can wow with its beauty. 

When it comes to stunning looks, wood certainly delivers. 

But looks will only take you so far. Buyers are increasingly concerned with how building materials perform, as well as how easy they are to maintain over the long-term. 

This is where wood siding comes up against some challenges. 

Wood is an expensive material. While you may be willing to increase your budget because of wood’s high-end look, in order to maintain that look wood requires high levels of maintenance. 


Buyers will need to paint, restain or varnish their wood siding every few years. Even with diligent maintenance, wood remains vulnerable to moisture and weathering and can be damaged by insects and pests. It also becomes discolored over time, turning grey from the sun or black as a result of mold or moisture.  

As a builder, you want to satisfy your customers, avoid costly call-backs and create stunning homes that last. It’s hard to guarantee you can meet these goals when working with wood.

In contrast, fiber-cement siding is a cost-effective material that provides greater durability and requires less upkeep — while achieving that same high-end wood look. 

The Advantages of Fiber-Cement

Nichiha’s fiber-cement products use innovative engineering to create a durable high-performing material that prospective buyers will love.

Our residential exterior solutions such as VintageWood and RoughSawn are almost indistinguishable from wood, matching both thickness, color and texture. But the benefits of choosing our exterior house panels go far beyond looks.  


Our products can be installed both vertically and horizontally, offering you a range of design options, whether you’re building a traditional family home or a modern masterpiece. 

Nichiha also offers a wide variety of color options, whether you want a traditional wood color such as cedar, redwood or ash, or whether you want a bold color.



With a natural product like wood, variation is a given. With Nichiha fiber-cement siding, you receive panels of a consistent length, making it easier to plan and bring your design vision to reality. 


Nichiha fiber-cement siding includes features that make it long-lasting and durable, such as an integrated rainscreen to protect from moisture. In contrast to natural wood products, which are vulnerable to pests, warping and rot, fiber-cement is a durable product that will leave your customers satisfied and reduce call-backs. Our products also guarantee color stability. While wood will age and weather, our wood series products will maintain their beauty for years to come. 


As fires become an increasing issue across the United States, more and more homeowners are becoming aware of the importance of fire resistance of their home’s materials. For builders, using fiber-cement siding, a material that is fire-tested and certified, can provide a competitive advantage in an increasingly safety-conscious market. 

Budget-Friendly and Easy to Install

Staying on budget is key to any building project, and Nichiha’s wood series is cost-effective compared to other wood cladding solutions. 

But staying on budget is about more than the materials itself. Wood siding is regarded as one of the easiest to install materials, which helps keep labor costs low. Luckily, fiber-cement siding installation doesn’t need to be difficult, with Nichiha’s award-winning installation system. The system utilizes an innovative hidden clip system making it easy-to-install, so you won’t need specialized labor to get the job done. 

Inspired Designs

When it comes to incorporating wood panels in your design, there are endless possibilities. Here are some of our favorite residential looks to inspire your next project.

The Modern Family


This South Carolina home pairs modern design aesthetic with the classic appeal of wood, using VintageWood panels. The look is refined yet warm, making it the perfect choice for a design-conscious family. 

The Welcome-Home Apartment 


This multi-family home in Massachusetts creates a welcoming facade using the warmth of VintageWood to complement the clean, modern lines of the building. The contrast of the vertical wood and horizontally lined gray panels also create visual interest to draw the eye. 

How To Get Started...

Get inspiration for your next residential project. From traditional to modern, our look book is filled with the latest trends and styles to build your dream home. 

The Statement Home


This Japanese home creates crisp contrasts using RoughSawn in a dark espresso finish as an accent, paired with glossy white Illumination panels. This design highlights how pairing wood panels with other finishes can create a high-contrast look and make a striking statement. 

The Next-Gen Cabin


This beautiful Georgia home proves that “rustic” doesn’t need to mean “rough around the edges.” The design uses warm wood tones of VintageWood to complement the natural environment of its setting while incorporating rich grey contrast panels and a modular design. The outcome is a design that finds just the right balance between harmonious and striking.

To quickly check and see if Nichiha fits into your project’s budget, try out our siding cost estimator

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