Advantages of a Modern Home Exterior: A Case Study

Case Study

Design Ideas for Making the Most of Modern Living

Modern living can mean a few different things for today’s homeowners, but many contemporary modern homes focus on functional spaces and living environments designed for comfort. 

Kelly and Jeff Kingsfield were on a mission. They wanted to build a modern home in one of their favorite parts of Atlanta and their version of modern living centered around the idea of access to nature. “My husband wanted to live near the bird preserve,” Kelly Kingsfield explains. Inspired by Jeff’s passion for birdwatching and the family’s love of the outdoors, the Kingsfields started planning their dream home’s design. 

A Long-Lasting Home Exterior

Any exterior materials the homeowners selected would need to stand up to Atlanta’s hot and humid climate and be resistant to insects and wildlife. Although the couple loved their home’s surrounding natural environment, they wanted to avoid attracting woodpeckers, rodents or other pests to their home. And Kelly had other items on her must-have list. 

“We researched to find wood options for the exterior of the house that would give us the warmth we were looking for, but over time would not warp, shrink, expand and would not require a tremendous amount of maintenance and that would not fade,” Kelly said.

“We really could not find a single option of wood that we felt would achieve those objectives,” Kelly said. 

Kelly came across Nichiha fiber cement as a wood siding alternative through her job with a local homebuilder. “I’m so glad that we came across it because I think it was just the perfect product, with the look, warmth and the low maintenance. Since it’s a long-term product, it is not going to look bad as it weathers,” she said. 

A Home Design Construction Crews Love

Kelly suggested Nichiha’s panels to her building team as a solution for the exterior design. Nichiha offered the construction crew a few benefits: The panels are manufactured with a clip installation system, which allows for smooth construction. The panels also come with a rainscreen to keep homes well ventilated and dry. 

“When I introduced that concept to our builder/project manager, he loved it,” she said. “He was like, ‘Wow! This is an answer to prayers in that it’s not going to warp, twist and weather in the future.’” 

What Are the Advantages of a Modern Home Exterior?

The Nichiha panels are design-friendly and flexible with any home’s style. The modern design of the house worked for the Kingsfield family in a few successful ways.

It Fostered the Look of a Contemporary Home

Nichiha panels complement the geometric forms and strong lines that are the hallmarks of modern architecture. With a natural warm hue and angular design, the panels provide a natural transition between the home and the natural surroundings the Kingsfields love.

It Adds Curb Appeal & Resale Value

When it comes to real estate, first impressions are a big deal. How a home looks from the street plays a large part in whether potential buyers will want to view the home, as the exterior determines whether people want to look at the interior. Nichiha panels create a contemporary exterior that mixes the look and texture of wood with modern angles, making for a home that truly stands out.

The House Exterior Matches a Modern Interior Design

The minimalist house design inspired a modern mindset at the Kingsfield home: The couple decluttered their home environment. “There are no knickknacks. We simplified when we moved into this home. We are both better housekeepers and a lot neater as a result of clean lines,” Kelly Kingsfield said. As soon as you enter the front door, natural light from huge windows brightens the kitchen, living room and dining room, highlighting the modern architecture and minimalist style.

A Modern House to Connect With Nature

The modern facade of this home includes plenty of glass and an open floor plan so that the Kingsfields have visual access to the outdoors (and the wide range of bird species in the area). “It’s amazing to wake up in the morning. All of those windows, you feel like you’re part of nature,” she stated.

Modern Design and Nature: A Home That Blends the Best of Both

The couple loves their dream home — both its location and its style. “Living in this modern home, I have never felt hipper or cooler in my entire life,” Kelly said. While its setting seems secluded, the Kingsfields’ home is within walking distance of Atlanta’s restaurants and shops. Its access to the outdoors and natural surroundings, the low-maintenance exterior and its modern appeal have made their dream home a truly successful design.

“It was just the perfect product, with the look, warmth and low maintenance. Since it's a long term product, it is not going to look bad as it weathers."
Kelly Kingsfield, Homeowner   
The Challenge

Homeowners Jeff and Kelly Kingsfield wanted a natural wood exterior and modern design for their dream home and would be building their new residence near a bird preserve in the bustling city of Atlanta. The exterior would have to stand up to possible pest infestations and humid storm-prone climate, as well as complement their landscaping and surrounding outdoor space.

The Solution

Nichiha panels offered their home the warm look of wood without the inevitable maintenance and repairs required for wood cladding. The exterior design offers them the best balance of modern functional living and stylish design.

The Results

The Kingsfields now live a minimal, modern life in a beautiful home close to all the amenities of a big city and lush natural surroundings. The home gives the couple plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with an expansive window design and low-maintenance fiber cement exterior.

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