A wide, top-down view of a residence with a three-car garage, large driveway and overlooks mountain scenery.
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Why Brown Continues to Be a Favorite Exterior House Color

Brown exterior siding has proven itself to be a fantastic choice for millions of homes.  Regardless of style, the color brown can elevate a home’s curb appeal and increase the resale value. 

A brown color scheme makes an instant impression, especially when appropriately paired with certain accent colors that really make a home pop. There are so many ways to effectively incorporate a dark color like brown into your home's exterior, whether it's a brown roof, brown trim or brown exterior paint. But when the color brown is paired with fiber cement siding, the benefits skyrocket even higher. 

Home with brown and black exterior with attached garage.

The Benefits of a Brown Exterior Siding

In 2018, Zillow compiled a list of all the homes sold in the United States and filtered them by color. On average, Zillow noticed that darker-colored homes sold up to $10,000 more than their lighter counterparts.   

Brown is likely not the first color idea that comes to mind when picturing your perfect home or considering home improvements or a remodel; however, it is a proven winner that stands the test of time. When choosing exterior paint colors and reviewing siding options, a brown shade may be the way to go.  

That’s because curb appeal is everything. The exterior design is just as important, if not more, than the interior design of your home. If you try to sell your house, the first thing buyers will see, whether they are online or in person, is your home’s exterior. It’s imperative that your home makes a great first impression, and adding brown is a surefire way to do that.

At first glance, brown could feel drab or unappealing when, in reality, brown siding can be striking when paired with the right accessories, windows and landscaping. Brown siding can give you a contemporary, chic look or it can give you earthy, natural and down-to-earth vibes by utilizing different shades and undertones. 

Residence with brown and brick siding, a wooden fence and large windows.

Brown siding also has a higher capacity to age well when it’s time to resell your home. Because it’s such a neutral color, brown siding ensures your home stays in style for years to come, protecting its value.  

A neutral siding provides a new palette for current and potential future homeowners, allowing each family to add their own personal touches without having to undergo a major renovation. Plus, brown is easy to maintain as this color hides marks, dings and dirt better than its contrasting color, white.

How To Get Started...

Get inspiration for your next residential project. From traditional to modern, our look book is filled with the latest trends and styles to build your dream home. 

The History of Brown Home Exteriors

Brown home exteriors have been a part of the history books for centuries. What started as brown, mud huts and wooden cabins has now become a modern, architectural style choice. With brown’s earthy hues and tones, it has a deep association with the natural world. It’s no wonder that brown became the obvious choice for Prairie and Craftsman homes in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Designers and homeowners were drawn to the more emotional and crafty shades that celebrate the organic aesthetics of the real world in contrast to the cool, cerebral and flashy homes that were once growing in popularity due to the Industrial Revolution. 

Among the most frequently-used siding colors right now are greens, beiges and browns. A lot of homeowners completely brown it out, while many choose a contrasting trim color to highlight their home’s particular roof lines. Adding a contrasting color to your home design can make your project feel more polished and intentional.

Brown and grey home with a wall that opens from a living room to a large deck area.

How Nichiha Can Help You Achieve Your Perfect, Brown Home Exterior

With Nichiha, you can achieve your brown home exterior, no matter what home style you want.


With Nichiha’s Cedar VintageWood panels, you can achieve the look of wood without the hassle and maintenance. You can achieve a modern aesthetic with a classic feel. You get to enjoy all the physical benefits of wood without the upkeep, rot or pest issues. Whether you love bark, cedar, ash, spruce or redwood, Nichiha has a wood siding to fit your design.


If stone is more your style, you can get a brownstone look with Nichiha’s Ledgestone panels. Stone-texture siding is highly flexible because it can be used for accents or whole swaths of siding, allowing you to mix and match different material types and colors. 

A wide, top-down view of a residence with a three-car garage, large driveway and overlooks mountain scenery.

Authentic stone can run a hefty price tag and good luck finding skilled tradesmen to install it, but contemporary designs with Nichiha’s stone-esque siding panels give you a highly textured look and an organic, natural aesthetic without breaking the bank or finding a different installer.

Front elevation of two-story home with multiple siding types, looking at garage door and front door.

Beautiful two-story home with large porch and balcony that incorporates multiple shades of brown in stone accents and vertical wood-textured fiber cement siding.

Shake Style

Shake siding is all the rage and you can achieve the timeless look with Nichiha’s Sierra Premium Shake panels. Choosing brown as your color can make your home look like a bungalow or modern lodge. It’s low maintenance and resistant to warping, rotting and damage from pests.

Outdoor living space with brown-red shingles siding and a wood-paneled ceiling.

No matter what design or style you dream of, Nichiha can make it brown. Not only can Nichiha give you the brown house of your dreams, but it can also provide the ultimate source of protection for your family with our fire-resistant, durable and long-lasting fiber cement panels.

To see even more ways to use modern fiber cement siding, and to view our entire color palette, check out Nichiha’s Modern Homes Lookbook. Use this resource to determine which siding best fits your style and how you can use different color combinations to design the home of your dreams.
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