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10 Different House Styles You Can Create With Fiber Cement Siding

In a world where styles and trends are constantly changing, the power of versatility is monumental. If you are keen on keeping up with the latest trends in home design, fiber cement siding should be at the top of your list. Fiber cement siding styles are endless and most importantly, help homes stand out even from a distance — well before visitors even set foot in the driveway.

Fiber cement siding colors, sizes and textures are diverse and expansive. To showcase the versatility of fiber cement siding, let’s look at ten different house styles featuring fiber cement to inspire your next custom home — one that includes high-quality products balanced with low maintenance effort.

Board & Batten

Board and batten siding

Board and batten siding is a style that uses alternating wide boards and narrow wooden strips, called “battens.” It is sometimes called barn siding as it was originally used for structures like barns and garden sheds. Its clever application can make a small home appear bigger and brighter, thus earning it a spot as a trademark exterior home style.

NichiPanels paired with NichiTrim are two of our most popular offerings from our pre-primed NichiProduct line. NichiProducts are created specifically for residential projects and are available only in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions. Here they join together to create the perfect board and batten look while simultaneously offering a siding that is wind, fire, water and pest-resistant — a win-win.

Traditional Plank

horizontal, traditional plank style

A horizontal, traditional plank style is a timeless classic that offers a stunning craftsman look. It can make your home look like a bungalow or a modernized lodge. This is the perfect design for a budget-conscious homeowner on a time crunch since it’s low maintenance and readily available nationwide.

Nichiha’s Savannah Smooth siding offers a smooth texture with easy-to-install lap siding. Its crisp, squared edges offer striking shadow lines that pair beautifully with a sunset.



Brick is a wonderful choice for an exterior siding whether used all over or as an accent. Authentic brick, however, is a timely, messy and expensive material. Thankfully, fiber cement can easily be made into a brick look that gives you the aesthetic you want with the low maintenance upkeep your busy schedule requires.

Utilizing Nichiha’s VintageBrick, CanyonBrick, PlymouthBrick or ModernBrick fiber cement products, you can create this breathtaking, traditional style with ease.

Stacked Stone

stone home

The flexibility of stone makes it a great material for any exterior design. It can be used for accents or whole swaths of siding, and you can mix and match different types and colors. 

Contemporary designs with modular forms pair perfectly with a large stone block siding. Prairie-style homes, in particular, look amazing with linear and highly textured stones to achieve an organic and natural look.

Wood Siding

wood-tone architectural exterior siding panels

Using wood-tone architectural exterior siding panels is a fantastic way to balance a modern aesthetic with a classic feel. The wood’s warm tones soften the hard lines often observed in modern homes. A fiber cement siding crafted to look like wood gives you all the physical benefits without the upkeep or rot.

Whether you love bark, redwood, cedar, spruce or ash, Nichiha has wood siding to fit your design. With wood, you can warm up any cool materials you decide to add to your project. 

Pairing Nichiha’s Cedar VintageWood panels with a high-contrast window, like in the image above, gives you lake cabin vibes with a contemporary, chic feel. 


modern home

Modern design allows the customized architectural details of a home to truly shine through. Modern design means that every aspect of the home has been meticulously executed and created with a clean, sleek feel. 

Choosing two types of fiber cement siding to enhance your modern design is a thoughtful way to draw the eye inward and create a color and texture contrast. For added drama, include recessed windows, stand-out geometric shapes and trim to your plan.

How To Get Started...

Get inspiration for your next residential project. From traditional to modern, our look book is filled with the latest trends and styles to build your dream home. 


Contemporary homes

Contemporary encompasses a wide range of styles that have been developing for more than 50 years. Like modern, it is all about line, shape and form.

Look for mixed colors, textures and patterns that complement each other and create a mesmerizing blend of warmth and comfort. Contemporary homes also tend to have a sustainable element to them. Nichiha-built homes utilize recycled materials in its panel production and make a strong case for durability, so you can feel good about your home’s effect on the environment.


Industrial homes

Industrial homes use materials like stone, steel and metal to recreate some features of factories and similar sleek structures for an edgy and futuristic appearance. Nichiha’s IndustrialBlock concrete series gives you industrial curbside appeal by providing a natural, distressed concrete look with a lightweight, versatile design.


Minimalistic homes

Minimalism has been an upward trending style for years because, sometimes, less is more. Stark lines and sharp corners are key characteristics, as is the emphasis on material chosen over detailed design. 

You can build a minimalist home using large Nichiha ArchBlock panels for uninterrupted lines and a monochromatic color for maximum delivery. 

Paint It Black

All-black exterior homes

All-black exterior homes are having their moment to shine. Searches for black exterior homes have grown 778% on Pinterest since 2014, and black paint is now the 12th most popular paint color purchased at Sherwin Williams, up from the 33rd spot a few years ago. 

As a cost-conscious alternative to black metal cladding, Nichiha developed Miraia. It delivers a reflective, high-gloss black finish backed by the durability of fiber cement. The name Miraia itself means “mirror” and “future” — the perfect name for a home material sure to spark conversation.

House Style for Every Home 

There’s no incorrect way to bring contemporary, traditional or modern home ideas to life. No matter what design trend you are looking to bring to life, Nichiha fiber cement siding has a solution.

To see even more ways to use modern fiber cement siding, check out Nichiha’s Modern Homes Lookbook.

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