Why siding your home with fiber cement is the ideal choice
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Why siding your home with fiber cement is the ideal choice

Home is where the heart is. That's why it is of the upmost importance to use quality building materials to protect your home for the long haul. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing house, you should consider the benefits of fiber cement siding.

Have you been searching for a siding product that offers a natural wood design, but is more likely to stand the test of time? What about one that offers you so many design options you find yourself searching to make the right decision? Are you in need of a product that not only looks amazing, but is available at an affordable cost and offers security for years to come? Fiber cement gives you all the benefits you are looking for, making it an ideal siding solution.

Ultimate Durability: Known for its durability, fiber cement is built to last. The product stands up against other siding alternatives with no warping, rotting, or delamination. Fiber cement easily defends against the forces of Mother Nature's wrath.

Designer's Dream: Fiber cement offers many styles and textures. Whether you want the look of traditional lap siding or the interest of cedar shake, fiber cement can help you achieve whatever design you are after. There are even fiber cement wall panels that allow you to achieve the look of stone, brick, wood, concrete, metal and much more. Both traditional and modern home designs look flawless with fiber cement cladding.

Painter's Preferred Choice: Fiber cement is a perfect option for someone who loves bringing color to life on his or her home's exterior. Fiber cement comes factory primed and paint goes on easily and remains looking great for years to come. At Nichiha, every product we make comes off the line with three protective coatings; 2 coats of primer and an anti-efflorescence coating that prevents chalky residue from appearing. With extra layers of protection, paint lasts longer with few touch-ups needed.

While less painting is required with fiber cement, if you want to change the color sooner than later, you can. If the newest color craze is gravel gray and your home is a desert beige, you can easily paint it. When compared to alternative siding options such as vinyl, the flexibility of fiber cement is unmatched.

Low Maintenance: Outlasting alternative siding solutions, fiber cement requires little maintenance with minimal ongoing repairs or regular cleaning needed. Choosing a low maintenance solution allows you to spend more time enjoying your home and less time working to keep it looking immaculate.

Pest Defender: Unlike wood, fiber cement defends against pests so there is no worrying about termites eating away at your home. Pesky pests become a thing of the past with the engineered strength of fiber cement.

Cost Efficient: Fiber cement can be significantly less costly than many other siding options such as natural stone, wood siding, and brick. With your bottom line in mind, fiber cement gives all the features you are after at a price that's hard to match.

Warranty Protection: Fiber cement products offer some of the best warranties in the business. Nichiha offers comprehensive warranties for our products that give homeowners peace of mind.

Installation Made Easy: Fiber cement is easily installed, saving time and money. With traditional brick, stone and other products, installation is labor intensive which can increase the cost of building or renovating. With fiber cement you can get the look of stone and brick in a fraction of the time.

Have you already experienced the benefits of fiber cement? We would love to hear from you! If you are not familiar with fiber cement, browse through Nichiha's website to learn even more. It's time to go all in with fiber cement.

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