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Modern Custom Home Siding Trends

When building a forever home, homeowners want exterior options that match their vision. Of course, the cladding should be high-performing (low maintenance with a long lifespan and highly durable), but it should also be high-design, something aesthetically pleasing.

There are several trends popular today when it comes to siding, and they cover everything from earthy colors to unexpected texture to statement roofs. If you want your forever home to be on-trend (but never trendy) and need some inspiration, we can help. 

Contrasting Colors

Home siding trends are seeing a movement toward unexpected colors. Contrast is popular, in part because of a desire in the market to highlight luxury features. Contemporary styles are a great way to bring in new colors, while many homeowners are choosing high contrast trim against darker home siding for a more modern architectural style, such as dark siding with wood tones or dark window frames and trims against light or natural-colored siding.

As for shades of color, blues, deep grays, cobalt, natural wood and charcoal are all popular, especially when paired with white accents. These colors create a gradient of shadows going from dark to light for a dramatic effect.

And speaking of shadows, one of the benefits of this unique, dry-process fiber cement siding is the ability to make thicker boards. This adds to their durability, especially necessary in harsh climates, but also creates deeper shadows between layers of siding for a more dramatic look. These shadows result in a more modern aesthetic than traditional siding profiles.


Statement Roofs

Nichiha Savannah Smooth Home

Eye-catching rooflines are also making a comeback. Luxury materials like cedar soffits and metal roofs are on the rise, but even asphalt shingles are being used in creative ways; they aren’t just being set into the background. Paired with contrasting siding to really make them pop, a roof can be the capstone statement on your custom home.


Extending Your Design

Nichiha Empireblock Modern Home

Another trend gaining momentum is the practice of using the same cladding on both the inside and outside of the structure. This home achieved stunning design continuity by using Nichiha EmpireBlock throughout the entire property instead of just on the outside. Combined with the warmth of Nichiha VintageWood This bold flaunting of convention is a contemporary minimalist’s dream come true.

Nichiha EmpireBlock Modern Home


Thicker Profiles

Home siding trends are also moving away from the standard narrow profiles made popular by lap sidings like vinyl and pressboard. Products like fiber cement board siding make wider profiles to give your home a cleaner more geometric look. Paired with visually interesting windows and mixed materials, this style creates a minimalist, contemporary appearance that is sure to impress.


Creative Textures and Shapes

Home siding trends are also moving toward using different-shaped sidings to create additional visual interest from one area to the next. This home in Smyrna, Georgia, uses our VintageWood fiber cement siding to highlight multi-story windows and modular corners, while our ArchitecturalBlock panels provide a neutral palette in the background.


Industrial Chic

Nichiha EmpireBlock Modern Home

From faucets to facades, the industrial trend is here to stay. Ultra clean lines, glass walls and open floor plans abound but not usually without some warm touches from wood, greenery and water. After all, most homeowners don’t want to feel like they’re living in a factory or office park. The home above is a perfect example of contrasting concrete siding with wood accents for an industrial-yet-homey oasis.


Creative Placement

Nichiha Savannah Smooth Modern Home

Thicker fiber cement siding also means contractors can get more creative when laying boards out, in terms of both layout and design. Mitered corners, metal trims and deeper reveals between panels lead to a different visual effect than with traditional masonry siding, making homes using these products truly unique.


Customization Is Key

Nichiha ArchitecturalBlock Modern Home

Increasingly, variety is the name of the game. Custom homeowners want their exact design vision to come to life while being confident that their investment will last. We’re proud to say that our fiber cement siding offers a modern aesthetic in a variety of textures, colors and finishes while giving the durability homeowners require.


Big Impacts With Accents

Nichiha ArchitecturalBlock Modern Homes

When it comes to current home siding trends less is more. Instead of using VintageWood panels on large sections of the home above, the designer has decided to go for a single line of paneling just below the roofline. This accent draws the eye up, creating the illusion that this two-story home is even taller than it is.

For more custom home inspiration, check out our gallery. Or if you want to see and feel the Nichiha-Modern difference for yourself, click here to request a sample.

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