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Modern Custom Home Siding Trends

When building their forever home, homeowners want exterior options that support their unique vision while still coordinating with the surrounding environment and staying in touch with current trends. Of course, it goes without saying that the cladding should be high-performing — low maintenance with a long lifespan and highly durable — but also high-design to please aesthetically.

There are several top modern home trends when it comes to siding, ranging  from contrasting colors and glass panels to fiber cement siding and different material textures. If you want your forever home to incorporate home exterior trends and need some inspiration, we can help!

Contrast Your Color Wheel

A blue, wood-toned, and dark brown home utilizing Nichiha’s fiber cement siding.

While neutrals and classic exterior colors are still in style, home siding trends are moving toward more color. Contrast is popular, in part, because of a desire in the market to highlight luxury features. Contemporary styles are a fantastic way to bring in new colors. 

You can add high contrast trim against darker home siding to achieve a more modern architectural style, or you can add dark window frames against natural-colored siding for an intriguing, shadow-like look.

As for shades of color, blues, deep grays, cobalt, natural wood and charcoal are all popular, especially when paired with white accents. These colors create a gradient of shadows going from dark to light for a dramatic effect.

A home in Raleigh with brown, red, and gray colors utilizing Nichiha’s fiber cement siding.

And speaking of shadows, one of the benefits of this unique, dry-process fiber cement siding is the ability to make thicker boards. This adds to their durability, especially necessary in harsh climates, but also creates deeper shadows between layers of siding for a more dramatic look. These shadows result in a more modern aesthetic than traditional siding profiles.

Contrast can also be achieved by adding accent walls on the exterior of your home. This addition can help homeowners elevate their curb appeal and create an envy-inducing modern home exterior.

A dark brown and white home with large windows decorated with Nichiha’s fiber cement siding.

Update Your Views With Glass

A three-story modern home has a pool in the backyard. There is an outdoor bar area, and the home has large glass windows that overlook the pool area.

You can take your exterior to the next level and simultaneously increase your views by adding large windows. Extra windows work well to modernize your exterior and create an open, airy feel in your interior. 

Bold, straight-edge windows are making a comeback and replacing curved panes for a more angular, razor-sharp look. You can also enjoy wide windows by adding in new, dramatic glass doors. Prepare to enjoy a brighter, sunlight-filled home and compliments from the neighbors on the clean lines from some new windows.

A white home with large windows and Nichiha’s Illumination fiber cement siding in front of a field of wildflowers.

Bring The Exterior To The Interior

The great thing about Nichiha is that it can be used for both exterior and interior projects. Many homeowners have been utilizing the trend of using cladding interiorly to help their entire home achieve stunning design continuity

Whether you bring cladding into your living room, bedrooms or wrap it into your exterior porch with an overhang, you can’t go wrong with extending your siding usage outside of its usual functionality. 

Nichiha’s fiber cement siding in white is being used on a back porch with an overhanging roof.

How To Get Started...

Get inspiration for your next residential project. From traditional to modern, our look book is filled with the latest trends and styles to build your dream home. 

The Timeless Look of Wood

Wood continues to be an incredibly popular siding material. Why? Wood offers homeowners a timeless look that creates instant curb appeal. Depending on how you utilize it, it lends itself to many types of home designs and can help homeowners build a modern masterpiece.

The bad news is that wood often has drawbacks: budget constraints, moisture intrusion, invasion from pests and woodpeckers, heavy maintenance, staining requirements and more. The good news is that Nichiha offers fiber cement siding that looks almost indistinguishable from real wood yet has none of the hassles that come with it.

This modern home utilizes Nichiha’s VintageWood wood series. There is a concrete pad in front of the garage door.

Nichiha’s exterior solutions such as VintageWood and RoughSawn just about match wood in thickness, color and texture. These solutions come in a variety of color options, whether you want a traditional wood color like cedar, redwood or ash, or you can always go for a more bold color. Or, you can even mix and match! But the benefits of choosing these exterior house panels go far beyond looks. 

If you live in a wildfire-prone area, wood can be a fire hazard. Fiber cement siding from Nichiha is fire-resistant, keeping homeowners and their families better protected. In fact, there are homeowners who won’t build in California without Nichiha

Brick by Brick

A home with brick-aesthetic fiber cement siding from Nichiha at dusk.

Brick or stone designs have long been on-trend, especially in certain geographical areas. But these materials often present challenges to contractors and homeowners. Brick and stone require extra specialized laborers, adding in extra costs and time. Fiber cement siding offers the same kind of design versatility without the mess and hassle, and with one installation method. 

You can enhance your exterior design by adding brick or stone-like fiber cement siding. You get the gorgeous, rustic aesthetic with a more flexible solution that only requires one installer. Whether you want a full brick exterior or a stone accent wall, Nichiha can make your dream design come true in a more accessible way.

Utilizing Nichiha’s VintageBrick, CanyonBrick, PlymouthBrick or ModernBrick fiber cement products, you can create this breathtaking, traditional style with ease.

 A home with wood-like and brick-like siding on a home utilizing Nichiha’s fiber cement siding.

Create a Modern Custom Home With Nichiha

An industrial-style home with Nichiha’s fiber cement siding with blue skies and clouds in the background.

Nichiha can help make your custom modern dream home a reality. By partnering with us, we’ll help you create a long-lasting masterpiece sure to stand out in the best way possible. Nichiha’s fiber cement siding panels offer incredible design versatility along with low maintenance care, fire and pest resistance, moisture protection and a simplified installation process.

You can find more inspiration for your home on our blog. To stay up to date with the latest home exterior trends and get started today, check out our estimator and contact your local rep.
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Modern Custom Home Siding Trends

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