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Blog Feature: Custom Residential Architect Q+A

It’s time to celebrate 10 years of the CRAN Symposium! In early October, residential architects from across the country will visit Cincinnati for this year’s Symposium – an annual gathering of custom residential architects. We are proud to be a sponsor of this milestone event and, especially, to honor the incredible work of residential architects, whose designs shape our lives and inspire memories of the places we call “home.”

In anticipation of the conference, we interviewed four talented architects from across the U.S. on their style and passion for custom residential work.

Featured Custom Residential Architects

What first piqued your interest in custom residential architecture?

Matt Tindall, Owner, Tindall Architecture Workshop: What continues to pique my interest is twofold: the personal connection that we are able to develop with our clients and the ongoing opportunity to try new things with each project. Custom residential architecture is free from the “ordinary” that I associate with other types of architecture.

James McNeal, Owner, James McNeal Architecture & Design: Since third grade, I’ve been interested in buildings and structures. I had the ability to draw, which helped. Most third graders were into cars—not me!

Tim Haley, Owner, Impluvium Architecture: I actually started my career as an aerospace engineer and pilot, then got into architecture. Custom houses provide the most unique, client-driven design possibilities for living structures.

How would you describe your design style?

Sady Hayashida, Owner, Hayashida Architects: We don’t dictate a design for our clients. We provide for their needs and requirements. For example, one client came to us wanting a Victorian design for their home after other firms had pushed for a modern design. The client owned a hobby store in San Francisco that sold Victorian dollhouses. They wanted a home in the same style as the dollhouses they sell, and we provided.

MT: I personally like a Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, but we are careful not to push our own design style on our clients. Our goal is to create an experience that is fun, engaging, informative and honest. For each project, my style is tailored by the client’s goals and expectations. This allows us to experience and create all sorts of beautiful and varied designs.

JM: My inspiration is historically derived but imaginatively creative.

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What draws you to a particular product when approaching a design?

TH: Everyone has style preferences, but it is more effective to let the design be free of preconceptions and let it grow organically. With products, I’m drawn to uniqueness how the products fit in to the overall, organic design of a home.

MT: I think there is a strong feeling that comes from traditional, time-tested and authentic materials and details. However, low maintenance and durability are important to every project we do. Therefore, we look for products that perform well in our climate and exude a feeling of authenticity.

What inspires you?

SH: Good design is what we as architects are inspired by and strive for. At the same time, if the client doesn’t like what we put forward, what good is it? As architects, we don’t live in our projects. Our design inspiration is our clients.

MT: Uniqueness. Not in the sense that different is better but in appreciation of someone or something’s ability to live and thrive outside of convention.

We want to hear from you and learn what drives your creativity and project style! Visit us at CRAN Booth #5 to see our latest product innovations and get a first glimpse at our Modern Homes Lookbook.

See you soon in The Queen City!

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