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Minimalist Home Inspiration

Minimalist home design has repopularized clean lines, simplicity and a mantra of “less is more.” Minimalist design shows restraint and a careful paring down or simplification of the space to impart a feeling of peace and clarity. At first glance, minimalistic homes are similar to modern homes yet the motivation behind the design choice is usually different. 

If you’re contemplating a minimalistic home, read on to see how designers and architects across North America have used Nichiha fiber cement products to create an exterior that would make Marie Kondo proud. 

Homma One

HOMMA ONEHOMMA ONE, Copyright @ 2020 HOMMA, Inc, San Francisco, CA

The Homma One residence designed and constructed in Benicia was built to showcase the guiding principles of simplicity — efficient use of space and timeless beauty. Inside, it has an open and inviting floor plan, a master bedroom with a view of the San Francisco Bay, state of the art LED lighting and other comfortable amenities. To match the minimalist interior of the home, designers chose Nichiha's VintageWood Cedar and SavannahSmooth products. With Nichiha’s color and texture versatility, they were able to achieve the refined look of wood paired with striking shadow lines and a subdued color palette.

The Bayou Blue Retreat House

Bayou Blue Retreat HouseRetreat HouseMarc Lamkin (photographer), Holly and Smith Architects, New Orleans, LA

Thanks to the talented photography of Marc Lamkin, this beautiful home design by Holly and Smith Architects will be forever enshrined in the halls of minimalism. They put their imaginative heads together to create a simple, but sleek, design utilizing Nichiha’s ArchBlock in gray.

This is the perfect material to pair effortlessly with stainless steel, glass and wood finishes. It is both durable and cost-effective for a minimalist who wants a home that lasts for decades.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Designer Showhouse

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Designer ShowhouseRobert Tretsch at Harrison Design Associates, Morgan Nowland Photography, Atlanta, GA

Robert Tretsch at Harrison Design Associates in Atlanta created this custom home exterior — and it is a minimalist’s dream. The striking contrast in colors gives enough drama to make it stand out, but enough calmness to make you feel at ease. It showcases Nichiha’s Signature Designer Series Panel Miraia in the color Onyx and is reflective with a high-gloss finish.

This innovative fiber cement siding panel is the perfect complement for sleek modern designs. Miraia was so captivating that it was featured among Architect Magazine’s Favorite Finds at their 2018 AIA Conference Expo.

You’re probably wondering how Nichiha came up with the name Miraia. It is a combination of the Japanese terms for ‘mirror’ and ‘future.’ It perfectly reflects Nichiha’s spirit of innovation and drive to constantly challenge the boundaries of both fiber cement and architectural design.

Click here to read more about the creation of this stunning home.

Battery Lane

Battery LaneKristen Mayfield Photography, Designed by AUGUST HOUSE CO and Sydney Marszalek for Craftsman Residential, Nashville, TN

Thanks to the talents of Kristen Mayfield Photography, you can get a glimpse of this ultra-modern home utilizing Nichiha’s VintageWood panels in the color Bark. In comparison to natural wood siding, VintageWood offers the designer the same texture but increased ease of installation. And where the product line soars above and beyond natural wood is in its trusted durability.

This fiber cement siding is resistant to warping, rotting and pests, and the built-in rainscreen allows moisture to easily escape from the panels, significantly reducing your risk of water damage. 

Wraparound House

Wraparound HouseWraparound HouseSteve Robinson and Axios Architecture, Atlanta, GA

Axios Architects created the gorgeous designs for the MacDonald Residence, and it radiates a serene warmth that invites anyone and everyone into its atmosphere. This seamless look wouldn’t have been possible without Nichiha’s ArchBlock series in the color Mocha. 

The light and dark brown accents balance the greens of nature and the softness of the light in a way that stands out by blending in.

Burnham Road House

Burnham Road HouseBurnham Road HouseRoehr Schmitt, Minneapolis, MN

Nichiha’s Architectural Wall panel series comes in a variety of styles and colors ranging from Corrugated to Stucco to Wood to Stone to Concrete to Brick to Block. To balance out the wood tones in the home above, designers went with ArchBlock in gray to create a contrasting, yet cohesive design. 

Modern Japan Home

Modern Japan Home

If you wish to achieve a more sophisticated, rustic look for your minimalist design, look no further than Nichiha’s RoughSawn series. Whether you’re looking to complete the entire exterior or just an accent wall or entryway, this series adds warmth to cool materials like glass, metal and block panels and allows you to still maintain rich color and deep textures without going overboard.

La Sierra Subdivision

La Sierra SubdivisionContempo Builder, Houston, TX

Contempo Builders went minimalist for the entire subdivision they built with Nichiha’s VintageWood in both Cedar and Bark colors. With a sunset view like that, who needs busy exterior siding? In this project, less is truly more. 

765 East

765 East765 EastTaC Studios Architecture, Atlanta, GA

This captivating Atlanta home utilized Nichiha’s ArchBlock in gray. The designer didn’t need to add much contrasting color nor texture as the shape of the home stands beautifully on its own. It offers its homeowners a modern, futuristic aesthetic that they can enjoy as they relax in their pool. 

In fact, their pool will require far more maintenance than their siding. No matter where you live, Nichiha fiber cement siding has the ability to stand up to the worst weather conditions. It won’t crack, buckle, fade or require costly maintenance. Give it an annual wash with soap and water and upkeep the area around it, and you are good to go. No harsh chemicals required.

Find Your Modern Mood

From minimalistic to colorful, let our Modern Homes Look Book be the first stop on your journey. Spark your creativity with our stunning examples of modern done right. 

Get Inspired

If you are looking for even more inspiration for your home design, take a look at our project gallery. Wondering how Nichiha fits into your project’s budget? Take a look at our pricing page. 

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