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Exterior Solutions for Single-Family Homes

Builders are responsible for helping future homeowners design and protect the home of their dreams. And when building a development, finding a way to differentiate your homes is critical to help them sell faster and to expand your reputation. Fiber cement siding offers a residential exterior solution; one that provides style, quality, durability, accessibility, and low maintenance. 

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Fiber Cement Siding to Differentiate Your Project

Out of all the materials available, fiber cement siding is the best solution for single-family residential projects. After all, the exterior of a home is the first thing to catch a potential homeowner’s eye, so choose wisely.

Quality, Durability and Warranty

Fiber cement is a patented composite of high-quality materials: cement, fly ash, silica, recycled materials, and wood. Due in part to its ingredient blend, one of fiber cement siding’s key selling features is its durability.

Fiber cement siding is resistant to rot, fire, pests, extreme temperatures, and hurricanes. High-quality fiber cement siding, like Nichiha’s, can last for decades.

Many of Nichiha’s fiber cement products have a 30-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, like with NichiProducts, Sierra Premium Shake (both pre-finished and primed), and Savannah Smooth siding.

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Code Compliance

Fire-resistant and weather-resistant aren’t just marketing buzzwords for Nichiha fiber cement siding — they are code-compliant protections.

Many homeowners don’t just want a gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing exterior; they want to feel safe. Nichiha fiber cement products meet (and exceed) local code requirements for weather and fire protection.

For example, Miami-Dade County maintains a checklist for cladding products that have been tested and approved for use in a High-Velocity Hurricane Zone after Hurricane Andrew damaged and destroyed 163,000 homes in 1992. Nichiha’s Architectural Wall Panels, Sierra Premium Shake, NichiProducts and Savannah Smooth products are all approved by Florida and are fully vetted as safe for hurricane-prone areas.

In regards to wind, when fiber cement is tested against industry standards (ASTM E 331 and AAMA 509-14), it has been proven to resist water penetration in rainscreen tests. An average of only 0.01 oz/sq.ft is able to penetrate walls, even with winds reaching 75 mph and with pressures of up to 12 pounds per square foot.

Nichiha’s Architectural Wall Panels address moisture management in two ways. The Ultimate Clip Installation System and the recently updated Ultimate Clip System II: Both limit joint flexing that could create openings for moisture to seep in. If moisture does penetrate the wall, there is a second layer of protection with drainage channels and weep holes. No mold, no problem.

For fire protection, ASTM E-84 tests rate fiber cement siding materials as a Class A building material. It will not cause combustion of spread flames, and with wildfires ravaging some parts of the country, having a home that is fire-resistant is more important than ever before.

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Easy Installation

Choosing an exterior siding material that works for a single-family residence is one big challenge in itself. Figuring out how to install it shouldn’t be. That’s why Nichiha ensured installing their fiber cement would be simple and straightforward.

And since fiber cement siding comes in a variety of finishes, you can create any home exterior without the pain and hassle of handling hard-to-install and expensive materials like stucco, brick or stone.

Low Maintenance 

A myth regarding fiber cement siding is that it must be hard to maintain because of all its benefits. Not true! Cleaning involves a light wash with soap and water, a rinse from the garden hose, and an annual inspection (or after severe storms). Nichiha promises easy maintenance that will leave homeowners free to enjoy their weekend.

Higher Quality Materials Reap Higher Quality Returns 

Using fiber cement siding in your building project can help sell the property faster and provide homeowners with a higher return on investment should they ever sell. Siding is the most visible part of a home’s exterior and it is key to making a great first impression.

Installing fiber cement siding can provide up to a 78% return on investment and is considered one of the top three ways to earn high returns on a building project. A successful ROI coupled with cost savings due to lower maintenance and replacement fees is what makes fiber cement siding such a smart solution.

Choosing to build with a higher quality material builds trust and respect from homeowner clients. With Nichiha’s resistance to decay, investing in the best material shows clients your care and consideration. Choices like these are impactful and earn builders a noteworthy reputation that brings more goodwill and interest in the community.

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Nichiha Is Committed to The Builder’s Success

Nichiha cares about your success, which is why we’ve built a resource center dedicated to answering any and all builder questions. 

Every builder deserves to see their vision come to life. Nichiha wants to take the intimidation out of the equation by partnering with you every step of the way. Don’t know where to start? Make a free appointment to talk with our team of engineers and architects for a technical design review or request a pre-construction meeting.

If you’re looking for a deep dive into AIA-approved courses to help you stay at the forefront of design or to browse a catalog of our lookbooks, check out our Continuing Education credit courses or download one of our sample brochures.

Make Fiber Cement Siding Your Single-Family Residence Solution

Fiber cement siding delivers many solutions to builders: It’s durable, easy to install, code-compliant, low maintenance, and is highly versatile when it comes to home exterior design. Yet the biggest benefit is the confidence that comes with using products you know will perform, even in the harshest of conditions. 

When working with Nichiha’s selection of high-quality fiber cement products, we partner to help you achieve any design you can dream up. Your success is our success. 

Nichiha has plenty of options to help inspire you. Take a look at our gallery or browse our extensive menu of siding products.

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