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How Nichiha Helps Southeast Builders Increase Their Bottom Line

Depending on the region, fiber cement can be less costly than many other siding options like natural stone, exotic wood siding and brick. With your bottom line top of mind, Nichiha’s fiber cement siding can give you all the features you are looking for in exterior house siding with durability that’s hard to match. It is a builder’s dream residential exterior solution.

Builders across the Southeast are benefiting from their collaboration with Nichiha’s fiber cement siding products due to its availability, value, phenomenal representative support, outstanding warranty and single-source capabilities. It can benefit your next project as well.

Availability and Better Primer

Nichiha’s manufacturing process focuses on making sure we use as many sustainable and eco-friendly materials as possible with all materials being sourced within 200 miles of our factory. Plus, our products are readily available and can be delivered to your project in a timely fashion thanks to our factories in Macon, GA.

Our NichiProduct line is available only in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Our architectural wall panels are available nationwide and are a great compliment to NichiProducts since they can replicate brick, stone, concrete or metal. For example, the home pictured below features NichiBoard along with our ArchitecturalBlock wall panels. 


NichiBoard siding is factory-primed to create the perfect canvas for your project. It is available in either smooth or cedar finishes, and it is easy to work with and to finish. The premium neutral grey primer is smooth and thick, which makes the painting process easy and efficient. If you work with exterior grade 100% acrylic latex paints, you can get great coverage with only one coat.


Specially engineered using a pressed, stamped and autoclaved mix of Portland cement, fly ash, recycled rejects and wood fiber bundles, NichiBoard fiber cement siding provides both beauty and function in homes built to last. It gives you design flexibility and can be purchased in a breadth of widths to create any aesthetic.

Unlike cheaper materials, fiber cement's value is in its longevity, durability and ease of maintenance. It is resistant to many of the problems that plague other siding materials, such as pest damage, warping, mold, rot or fire damage. Nichiha offers a 30-year warranty so your clients can enjoy peace of mind (and you don’t have to worry about callbacks).


Using fiber cement siding on your project can help you sell the property faster and provide homeowners with a higher return on investment of up to 78%. It is considered one of the top three ways to earn high profits on a building project. When you couple this with lower maintenance costs, lower labor costs, and lower likelihood of replacement, fiber cement is the smart choice for siding.

Nichiha panels have other benefits as well, including:


Easy Installation

Installing Nichiha fiber cement panels is straightforward. They come in a variety of finishes like smooth, wood or shake so you can add visual interest and differentiation to any of your projects. 

Fiber cement trim and siding is installed using galvanized or stainless steel nails fixed in place with a simple hammer or pneumatic nailer. It can be ordered in factory pre-cut sizes or cut to custom specs, so on-site cutting is minimal.  

Unlike many other siding materials, fiber cement doesn’t require extensive maintenance to keep its look. Just a light hosing with water and mild soap is all that’s needed. 

It is also a single-source product—unlike brick or masonry that requires mortar, specialized tools and specific weather to install. 

Easy installation and easy lifetime maintenance? A huge selling point for both prospective homeowners and builders.


Nichiha Fiber Cement Siding Solutions

Thanks to Nichiha’s durability, value and exceptional customer service, builders in the southeast can increase their bottom line while providing clients with a product that will stand up to their specific climate’s needs. 

If you’re a Southeast or Mid-Atlantic builder, we’d like to show you the difference Nichiha can make to your business.  Learn more about NichiProducts here or contact a local Nichiha rep today.

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