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Product Deep Dive: NichiBoard

Lap siding is a perennial favorite in residential projects for a reason. This classic style is flexible, yet high-end, and can suit both traditional and modern applications. 

Yet, as home builders and architects know, there are drawbacks when it comes to using traditional wood sidings. It may look beautiful, but over time, wood sidings require extensive maintenance, leading to long term costs. Even with the most diligent care, wood is vulnerable to moisture, and issues such as mold, swelling, and warping can plague an otherwise perfect build. 

Vinyl siding, while popular due to their lower price point, doesn't fare much better. Vinyl is prone to warping and cracking, and — despite improvements in available materials — continues to lack the high-end look that will set your project apart. 

Introducing NichiBoard

Enter NichiBoard, a fiber-cement option that allows home builders to recreate the traditional lap siding look, without the cost and high-maintenance associated with wood and avoiding the low-durability of many vinyl options.

Specially engineered using a pressed, stamped and autoclaved mix of Portland cement, fly ash, recycled rejects and wood fiber bundles, NichiBoard provides both beauty and function in homes built to last. 

Why Choose Fiber-Cement Siding?

With so many options available to you, why pick a fiber-cement siding option such as NichiBoard? Below are some of the major advantages of choosing fiber-cement siding for your projects.

Design Flexibility

Every project has unique requirements and NichiBoard offers you the design flexibility you need to build a beautiful home, every time. 

Available in either smooth or cedar finishes, NichiBoard is factory-primed to create the perfect canvas for you. NichiBoard is easy to work with and to finish: The premium neutral grey primer is thick and smooth, making paint application easy. Working with exterior grade 100% acrylic latex paints, getting good coverage is simple and often takes only one coat. 

NichiBoard can also be purchased in a range of widths (six options, between 5 ¼” and 12”) to create the visual effect you’re looking for. 


Many high-end building materials can seem out of reach for the typical residential project. Options such as NichiBoard are an affordable way to achieve an upscale design. 

Although it’s not the cheapest material on the market, fiber-cement is one of the most durable. With lower maintenance costs and a long life span, fiber-cement helps you reduce call-backs and invest in your reputation. 


Fiber-cement is extremely durable and long-lasting. Resistant to many of the problems that can plague other siding types, such as rot, mold, insect damage or warping, your customers should find that they never need to replace their fiber-cement siding. Nichiha offers a 30-year limited warranty on their NichiBoard products so that you and your clients can enjoy peace of mind. 

Low Maintenance

Unlike many other siding materials, fiber-cement does not require extensive upkeep to maintain its look — a selling point for many prospective homeowners. 

As you’re installing NichiBoard siding, you can help minimize future issues by ensuring minimum ground clearance between the siding and shrubs/vegetation. For future maintenance, your customers will only need to complete the typical periodic maintenance that you’d expect with any exterior structure (for example, re-application of finishes, maintaining caulks and sealants, washing down surfaces, etc.)


With the increasing risk of wildfires across much of North America, it’s more important than ever to build with fire-resistant materials. Choosing to build using fiber-cement — alongside taking other precautions to design with fire prevention in mind — protects your project against disaster, and provides your customers peace of mind for the long-term. 


Sustainable building design continues to be a growing trend in the residential market. Nichiha prides itself on the fact that its products don’t just look beautiful, but they’re good for the planet, too. Nichiha’s products are comprised primarily of fly ash, diverting waste from landfills and putting it to good use. 

Nichiha also strives to reduce waste and conserve water in the production process, meaning that you can be assured you’re buying a product that meets your aesthetic and practical needs AND one that aligns with your values.

Explore the Possibilities

NichiBoard can be used in a range of projects, from traditionally-influenced designs to modern-inspired projects. Elegant or edgy, traditional or on-trend. These examples show the scope of the possibilities available to you when working with NichiBoard. 

Classic Design, Modern Performance

This home is full of the instant elegance of lap siding, finished in a soft, neutral cream. The look is timeless and has unmistakable curb appeal. This is a project that pays homage to time-honored design principles while harnessing all the benefits of an innovative, modern building material fit for twenty-first-century living. 

Embrace traditional design without taking on the “traditional” problems of expensive upkeep and long-term maintenance. 

Re-Imagine a Classic

With NichiBoard, you can reinvent lap siding as a part of your modern design. In the example below, you can see how the thin, warm tone boards installed in a classic lap siding style enhances the southern feel of this home. 

With NichiBoard, you have the design freedom to build your modern masterpiece and the assurance of a product that will provide the durability and longevity you need.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to explore using NichiBoard in your home construction project, you can order a sample today or reach out to one of our representatives for design and pricing assistance.

Note: At this time, NichiBoard is only available in DE, MD, DC, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, KY, TN, AL, MS and LA. If you have questions about availability in your area, please contact your rep.

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