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6 Myths About Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding has been an alternative to more costly materials for more than a few decades now, but there are still some myths surrounding these products that need a little debunking. 

One thing that’s no longer a myth: Fiber cement can greatly enhance the look of any home design. But what you’ll discover is that this versatile siding material has benefits that go beyond style — and some of those benefits might just surprise you. 

1. Fiber Cement Is Hard to Install

This myth just isn’t true, especially since fiber cement has evolved and improved in design over the last few years. 

Fiber cement offers durability and weather protection to home exteriors, even if you’re in a High-Velocity Hurricane Zone, such as Florida. It might come as a surprise to learn that fiber cement panels are comparatively lightweight and manageable (especially compared to masonry or brick), so installation is a breeze. 

Plus, exterior house panels from Nichiha come in an easy-to-install design with clip fasteners, which makes setting up your siding a more seamless process.

2. Fiber Cement Materials Absorb Water

Fiber cement is made of a mixture of fibrous material and a strong cementitious compound that offers strength and protection to exteriors. But the panels also feature impressive moisture resistance, so this is another fiber cement myth that doesn’t hold up. 

Exterior siding from Nichiha comes with excellent water resistance, even if you’re in a warm, wet climate like the Southeast. Nichiha’s rainscreen system features drainage channels to keep water out of the home’s building cavity, preventing mold and water damage.

3. Fiber Cement Is Made of Asbestos

When fiber cement was first patented in the 1900s, asbestos was used for the “fiber” part of the composite. It was combined with cement, resulting in a highly durable exterior siding product. Fiber cement was also a great (and more affordable) alternative to brick or masonry, and the siding panels grew in popularity over the decades, especially in Europe and Australia. 

The evolution of fiber cement shifted direction when asbestos was banned in several countries. Cellulose fibers replaced asbestos in most panel designs. Now, it is a popular choice in home and commercial design, and today’s panels are tested to higher standards for indoor health and air quality. 

Nichiha’s panels feature a composite of mostly fly ash and are certified for use as a green material in both residential and commercial applications. (Yes, consider this myth busted.)

4. Fiber Cement Siding Is Just For Exteriors

Homeowners love the look of fiber cement for both modern and traditional exterior design. 

But because Nichiha panels are lightweight and easy-to-install, some homeowners have found impressive ways to include the versatile material in their interior design. From entryways to hotel lobbies to your master bath, Nichiha panels can help to enhance indoor space with modern appeal. 

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The architectural wall panels in the bathroom designs above add trendy, industrial style and a nice contrast to the warmth of the wood flooring.

5. Fiber Cement Siding Is a Pain to Maintain

Here’s another myth that isn’t true! Fiber cement siding for homes has grown in popularity in the last decade because of its strength and weather protection. But the benefits go even further. All it takes to clean the panels is a light wash (with a soap-and-water solution), along with a rinse from a garden hose, for easy maintenance that won't steal your weekend. 

If you’ve installed Nichiha siding on your home, you’ll want to inspect your exterior about once a year or after extremely severe storms. But repairs should only require a bit of exterior-grade putty if there are any dents or chips. Fiber cement panels from Nichiha also come with up to a 30-year limited warranty, so homeowners can stay confident in their home’s continued protection.

6. Fiber Cement All Looks the Same

While home exteriors in some neighborhoods tend to look the same, fiber cement siding gives homeowners an opportunity to elevate their design, which greatly increases curb appeal. 

Nichiha panels come in a wide selection of colors, styles and finishes, and can be used in both interior and exterior applications. The design advantages are almost endless when it comes to Nichiha’s products. 

Fiber Cement Design = Myth-Busting Exterior Solutions

Some myths are just plain false, and the benefits of using this versatile and sustainable siding have delighted homeowners worldwide.  

Nichiha offers more exterior solutions than most homeowners realize, from siding to trim and soffit. We’ve been offering those solutions to homeowners for decades now and can’t wait to see what the future of fiber cement holds. 

Click here to view our gallery and see even more gorgeous residential exterior solutions. Or click here to get an estimate today. 

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