Choosing Fiber Cement Board Siding for Your Forever Home
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Choosing Fiber Cement Board Siding for Your Forever Home

If you’re building or remodeling your home, it needs to resonate with your own personal style and values. The products you choose will, therefore, need to outlast fads and passing trends and the materials you select should stand up to seasons and elements — you’re going to need building materials that are dependable and timeless. 

Fiber cement board siding offers homeowners more long-term solutions than you might realize, so here are a few ideas to inspire your forever home. 

Traditional and Timeless

Nichiha Fiber Cement Board

Stick with tried-and-true colors on your home’s exterior to help ensure long-term curb appeal. This homeowner chose classic colors like gray, a clean white trim and traditional fiber cement lap siding on this home, giving it a distinct look that’s always going to be in style. 

Durable cement-based siding provided real solutions for this home. Because the homeowners chose to work with Nichiha fiber cement board for their exterior wall panels, they won’t have the costly upkeep of a wood exterior. 

Plus, fiber cement offers the same warmth and tradition as natural wood siding but comes with the durability of a cement composite. That means it won’t warp or rot over time nor bee affected by high winds or salt spray, and it can stand up to pests that wood typically attracts, so your forever home’s siding lasts, well, forever. 

Exterior Siding Options That Stay On-Trend

Nichiha Cement Board Siding

Wood shingles, or shake siding, have been a part of American residential architecture for centuries but homeowners today can still create a modern home design—if they make the right material choices. 

Traditional wood shingles don’t offer the exterior protection a cementitious product can. This homeowner achieved a more durable, minimalist, modern look using cement board siding from Nichiha, while still getting exterior siding that looks like wood while costing about the same. 

Added tip: By using contrasting colors in the application, the design becomes dynamic and more inviting to guests, proving how versatile a solution fiber cement can be for home design. 

Clean Lines Forever

Nichiha ArchitecturalBlock

Using classic colors and straight lines give this home design boundaries—but those boundaries give homeowners plenty of room to play around with their design. The contrast of light and dark on the home’s facade gives the exterior a distinctive look, thanks to the use of Nichiha’s ArchitecturalBlock in light gray that balances the warmth of the wood paneling. 

Choosing natural elements in your home’s exterior helps complement the surrounding environment. Expanses of glass allow the homeowners more visual access to the outdoors, which has the added bonus of allowing for more daylighting, saving energy in northern climates. 

Let Your Design Speak for Itself

Nichiha Fiber Cement Siding

Sometimes a simple design is the most impressive: The straight lines and neutral gray of this home’s siding allow for the bold, biomimetic butterfly roof design on this modernist home to truly shine. 

Many designers feel modern starts with light, informing how the home will be positioned on the lot. This glass design accordingly offers ample natural light and access to the natural surroundings. These features don’t just add value to the home; they also help to improve the well-being of anyone living there. And by selecting Nichiha’s storm-resistant fiber cement board siding, the durable exterior siding will protect that design — and the home’s value — for the long-term. 

Mixing Textures to Add Interest

Nichiha ArchitecturalBlock Gray

Give your forever home a design that’s flexible and functional by mixing textures on your exterior. 

The combination of wood and stone textures on this exterior provided the homeowner more inspiration to inform the home’s interior design. Natural design elements like wood and stone stay on trend, and by choosing from Nichiha’s fiber cement siding options, those elements help to support the longevity of the life of the home.

Choose Safety for the Life of the Home

Nichiha VintageWood Cedar

Depending on where you’re located, you might need to use exterior materials that are more fire-resistant than others for durability or even to satisfy your insurance carrier’s home hardening requirements. Fiber cement siding offers solutions for exterior protection to homeowners that love the look of stucco but need an alternative. 

Working with fiber cement siding from a reputable company like Nichiha means the home is thoroughly protected against multiple natural elements such as wildfires, hurricanes or extreme temperatures yet still has the upscale, modern look homeowners love.

Protect Your Home with Cement Board Siding

Whether you’re remodeling or designing a new home, your choices should help guarantee that the house will stand up to whatever an unpredictable climate throws at it. When you select which exterior house siding products you want to design with, take into account the features we’ve looked at here: 


Using Nichiha fiber cement products offers homeowners most, if not all, of these solutions and can help to achieve your ideal forever home design.

Download our 2019 e-book on how to design with Nichiha cement board siding for exterior home protection, or check out our gallery for ideas and inspiration!

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