New E-book: Elevating Southwestern Stucco Designs with Fire-Resilient Fiber Cement
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New E-book: Elevating Southwestern Stucco Designs with Fire-Resilient Fiber Cement

If you are a building industry pro, chances are you have a sense of fiber cement's versatility and the wide range of colors, finishes and textures manufacturers like Nichiha have brought to the market.

But if you design, build or live in the Southwestern United States ' or any region with high susceptibility to fire ' you may wonder whether taking advantage of fiber cement's possibilities means sacrificing fire resistance. The human and financial costs of recent wildfires, as well as the increased rigor of fire codes for exterior siding, mean that there can be no compromise when it comes to fire safety.

Our new (free!) e-book, Elevating Southwestern Stucco Designs with Fire-Resilient Fiber Cement, discusses fire codes and details how fiber cement stands up to fire and extreme temperatures in both test and real-world applications. Particular attention is given to how fiber cement can serve as a safe alternative or complement to stucco'without compromising stucco's golden rating or the Southwestern aesthetic.

For centuries, stucco has dominated the Southwestern landscape, and most fire-resistant siding options, like traditional brick or stacked stone, clash with the look and feel that is the region's hallmark. By contrast, fiber cement meets performance requirements related to fire resistance and is available in a variety of colors to match almost any hue of stucco.

In addition to extensive discussion of fire codes, fiber cement's fire resiliency and the many design possibilities fiber provides, the e-book also includes a quick reference guide to fire codes, standards and terminology, as well as a recent case study that documents fiber cement's performance during one of the worst wildfires in California's history.

This e-book is a handy resource for architects, builders, designers, engineers and homeowners researching high-performance, fire-resistant exterior siding options.

Download the Fiber Cement and Fire Resiliency E-book
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