Bringing the Exterior to the Interior
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Bringing the Exterior to the Interior

There are dozens of interior design ideas available online, but discerning homeowners want new, different solutions that will enrich the look of their home, giving them an aesthetic that few others have. 

Though there are a variety of design materials and applications available to homeowners, an uncommon, but elegant, option is using the same product on your interior as you did on your exterior.

Traditionally, there’s been a bias that says you can only use certain materials on the interior of your home. But for innovative homeowners and designers, using exterior materials inside is a way to be creative and non-conformist, to give your home a unique look that reflects your personality. 

Materials usually used outdoors, like wood or fiber cement, can make a big impact on a home’s interior. Some of the following designs might surprise, delight and inspire your new home or remodel design.  

Enhancing the Home’s Entryway

Using interior cladding panels made of fiber cement help this homeowner elevate the look of their home’s entryway. These architectural panels from Nichiha feature a modern cement finish, giving the space a clean and open feel. These versatile panels deliver the look of cement while also alleviating the burden of labor and time with easy-to-use clip fasteners. 

Add More Visual Interest to Your Meals

The architect seamlessly integrated the exterior cladding of this modern farmhouse with the panels in the dining space, using the cool beauty of concrete. Perfect for families or anyone that likes entertaining, this interior cladding design is sure to impress guests with the appeal of open space and an organic aesthetic.

Get the Look of Wood 


When you love the look of wood, but want a more low-maintenance solution for interior design, these cement board hidden fastener panels from Nichiha offer options. The Vintage Wood panels can give any room a touch of warmth and add contrast to your design. Using other natural elements in the space, like stone detailing in the fireplace and decorative plants, helps to complete the look.

Bringing Better Design to Bathrooms

Give any bathroom (“washroom” for all you Canadians) an industrial feel by using modern wall paneling solutions like the above design from Nichiha. The Empire block panel makes it easy for homeowners to bring the timeless look of concrete into the home without all the mess and cost of forming and pouring. Hidden fasteners in the panels’ clip system help to keep lines straight, so you get a clean and finished look anywhere your design needs it.

Interior Landscaping


Plants will always add a touch of natural green to your space, but homeowners can also work with local nurseries to create an interior landscape design for a bigger impact. Adding greenery in the home comes with a few benefits: Research shows that indoor plants can improve air quality, promote well-being and even improve memory!

Add Sustainable Impact to Spaces


Bringing natural materials (like this wood cladding) into interior design is incredibly on-trend. Many homeowners repurpose old wood in this kind of cladding application, adding sustainable nuance to any interior design, and conserving materials to prevent project waste. There are also many non-wood options to achieve the same look and feel.

Green Solutions for Any Space


Bring a touch of green into the interior by installing a plant wall. This homeowner used an artificial plant wall system to give their media room a pop of contrasting color, without the maintenance and upkeep that real plants come with. 

Refine Your Design With Metal


Metal siding and panels are often used in exterior design, but more homeowners are using metal accents to bring visual interest inside the home. This impressive fireplace design is enhanced with steel panels, and the antique patina gives the living space a cozy, but refined, finish. 

Add Ambiance to Gathering Spaces 

Homeowners with a custom house design can also tie the look of their exterior with the interior by adding adjoining outdoor patio spaces. Coordinating the clean lines, glass features and high ceilings in the patio space with the rest of the home’s design helps to make it a success. 

Freedom in Interior Design

Bringing exterior materials and products into a home’s design can take any “nice” space to the next level. Homeowners truly have a multitude of options when building their forever home. 

So if you want to bring the feel of nature inside, consider using concrete panels that mimic the look of wood. Or if you want to add a touch of elegance while maintaining a minimalist feel, opt for a wall paneling system that gives the appearance of concrete without the hassle. Heighten the look of your living room, kitchen, office or anywhere in between with the help of unconventional materials.

Interior cladding panels that can match or simply complement a home’s exterior can be used to enhance your home design, wherever you feel it needs more impact. And Nichiha’s panels’ simple installation features, including hidden fasteners and a straightforward clip system, make it easy for professionals or DIY-homeowners to achieve the design of their dreams. 

For more inspiration and ideas, click here for tips on achieving a simple, modern design

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