Avoid Wildlife Damage With Fiber Cement Siding
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Avoid Wildlife Damage With Fiber Cement Siding

As both residential builders and homeowners know, pesky wildlife can seriously damage siding, costing homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs, many of which cannot be claimed on insurance. What if it could be prevented before it even begins?

Using fiber cement siding has helped homeowners everywhere protect their homes from wildlife damage, including damage from ants, termites, birds and more. But the benefits of high-performing fiber cement extend well beyond home exterior protection. 

What’s the Cost of Wildlife Damage?


According to Siding Pro, the cost of wildlife damage on siding can vary, but with some invasive insects, you might wind up paying thousands more than expected. Handling an infestation should be swift, but it’s hard to tell how extensive the damage is without contacting a pro. 

Carpenter ants, for instance, can show up in rotted or damp wood and will carve away at it for sustenance. If these ants get into the home structure, the damage can be financially devastating.

“Once the structure has been weakened, a heavy snowfall, high winds, or other outside stress can cause the structure to collapse. These small insects can do thousands of dollars of damage, usually in the $6,000.00 to $10,000.00 range,” according to Home Advisor’s research.



Birds will also wreak havoc on a home if the right exterior protection isn’t in place. Without proper maintenance, birds will set up nests in gutters and eaves of the home. If there is an existing insect problem in exterior siding, woodpeckers will make a snack of them by drilling holes into the panels. 

Mice will seek warmth inside homes and are known to chew the insulation off of electrical wiring, once they’re inside. “It is believed that 25% of all fires with an unknown origin were caused by mice and rats chewing on electrical insulation,” reports Home Advisor.

But termites might cost the most in siding damage for homeowners. “Termites cause an estimated $5 billion of damage each year,” according to HomeAdvisor’s data. “That’s more than fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes combined.”

The Power of Protection With Fiber Cement Siding 

From moisture prevention to insect resistance, fiber cement siding gives homeowners and builders damage-free residential exterior solutions. 


Woodpeckers, termites and other critters can’t invade the durable cladding that fiber cement provides. The fly ash and cellulose composite results in an almost indestructible exterior panel, resulting in several solid features:

How To Get Started...

Get inspiration for your next residential project. From traditional to modern, our look book is filled with the latest trends and styles to build your dream home. 

Other Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

Despite the potential cost of pest damage on exteriors, many homeowners love the look of wood. Even if it requires extra attention, they just don’t want to compromise on their home’s design. (Click to see an infographic on why you should choose Nichiha wood.)

But they don’t have to compromise! One of the many reasons so many homeowners today choose fiber cement for their exterior is its design versatility. Fiber cement siding from Nichiha is available in dozens of styles, colors and textures, and offers a solution for homeowners who have been longing for a wood-inspired exterior

But Nichiha fiber cement siding features a few other benefits, including a built-in rainscreen on Architectural Wall Panel products for additional moisture protection in the home. The panels help to prevent any water damage, and the design allows for adequate air ventilation in the home to support a healthier indoor environment. 

Pairing different panels together can enhance your home with dynamic, exciting design -- like the VintageWood cladding pictured above. Its versatility makes Nichiha’s fiber cement cladding a popular choice in residential and commercial design both in the States and across the globe.

Nichiha exterior cladding is like other fiber cement siding in that it’s just as low maintenance. In addition, however, Nichiha siding products come as a turnkey solution for exteriors, including features like the Ultimate Starter track and clip installation system for fast, easy installation. That means you can mix and match Nichiha panels to achieve any exterior design look. 

Preventing Wildlife Damage on Siding

Everyone loves the look of wood, but sometimes the risks aren’t worth the cost of repairing damage to your home. That’s why fiber cement is a strong contender -- it provides homeowners plenty of solutions for pest protection and style versatility while offering a resilient exterior design that will last for decades. Can traditional wood do that?

See how a wood-inspired exterior can take your home’s style to the next level. Or take a look at this infographic for even more reasons to choose a wood siding alternative.

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