Case Study A HouseItLook Exterior Masterpiece

Case Study

A HouseItLook Exterior Masterpiece

Exterior siding options are fruitful these days with suppliers saturating the market. With a rise in fiber cement siding, the stakes are high when it comes to R&R home design and remodelers want to make sure they are making the right choice for their renovation project.

Nichiha offers residential exterior solutions with their products and you would be amazed by some of the renovations Nichiha has been a part of. HouseItLook created a R&R home exterior masterpiece utilizing Nichiha’s fiber cement siding panels — and the results couldn’t be more mesmerizing.

HouseItLook began their project with an expansive 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath house that required a complete redo from top to bottom. For the renovation, they chose a brand new roof, new windows, new doors, new gas fireplaces, a new deck and top-of-the-line new exterior siding. They paid extreme attention to detail with every nook and cranny. 

Ashley Wilson, one of the owners of HouseItLook, has been in the house flipping business for six years. Ashley originally discovered Nichiha on Instagram and was impressed by the positive reviews the products received when they were used to create a non-traditional look on a historic home.

HouseItLook targets higher-end, historic homes that were built in the early 1900s for their renovations. She always asks during her flips, “How do I utilize modern, innovative products in historic homes?” And Nichiha was the perfect fit for this house.

Design trends vary greatly by market, and Ashley has seen an influx of Western U.S. styles infiltrating East Coast properties. She wanted to tap into a West Coast vibe that focuses on industrial-looking properties with clean, sharp lines on their exteriors. The best part? Ashley had a lot of options to choose from for this style when it came to Nichiha’s product lines.

She requested a sample box from Nichiha so she could feel 100% confident in her product choice. Nichiha’s panel design and extensive selection of styles helped to elevate the property’s finished look. After reviewing several options, she decided on a combination of Nichiha’s VintageWood in Spruce and ArchitecturalBlock in Gray.

VintageWood helps builders achieve the refined look of wood, is available in a plethora of wood finishes and has the ability to bring warmth to designs featuring cool materials like glass, metal and concrete. It has versatile corner options and a built-in rainscreen for extra protection.

She paired VintageWood with ArchitecturalBlock panels to give the home a stucco-like finish without the hassle. “Nichiha panels are a complete showstopper,” Ashley said. 

The installation process was a breeze for Ashley and her team. “Having someone from Nichiha come out to the site was incredibly beneficial. We had our team review all the materials and literature in advance, so it was easy to have on-site training to ensure a proper installation. Our team had no issues during installation whatsoever.” 

To ensure you have enough panels for your project, Ashley recommends estimating on the higher end for material buying. To calculate material for a project, you can contact a representative, and they will reach out to assist in putting together a material list for your project. 

Ashley had initially projected the property to sell for under a million dollars. “I wanted a siding material that made the exterior look modern and contemporary. Nichiha made the property look like this 100-year-old home was built today. It makes it look like a brand new house, which helped us achieve new construction pricing capabilities.”

Because of the work Ashley Wilson and her team did, along with Nichiha’s fiber cement siding, this home sold above her estimated price before it could even be listed!  

“Nichiha panels are a complete showstopper. [They] make it look like a brand new house."
Ashley Wilson  
The Challenge

Ashley Wilson at HouseItLook had an expansive home to flip and needed a high-quality, stylish solution. She wanted a durable, eye-catching exterior that could bring a West Coast, modern look to a historic, traditional home in Pennsylvania.

The Solution

Through word-of-mouth, Ashley discovered Nichiha and was blown away by the aesthetics and ease of installation of Nichiha’s fiber cement panels. The installation with on-site training allowed for an efficient and enjoyable process. The fiber cement panels gave the historic home a complete makeover and increased the property value of the project.

The Results

Using VintageWood in Spruce and ArchitecturalBlock in Gray, the HouseItLook design-build team was able to achieve a gorgeous renovated home that sold before it even went to market.

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