Choosing the Right Fiber Cement Siding Product for Your Style
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Choosing the Right Fiber Cement Siding Product for Your Style

You want your dream home to be a reflection of you: your style, your personal tastes, your love of the surrounding environment. From the minute someone pulls into your driveway, you want them to say, “Wow.”

But you also want a home that’s going to last. You want the materials you choose to be long-lasting and durable so you can spend more time with friends and family and less time maintaining your siding. Fiber cement, as a material, has over 100 years of proven performance. But not all are created equal: There is a wide range of price, performance and aesthetic.

Monolithic fiber cement cladding made with a dry process is a deeply versatile product that gives you all the design flexibility you require to match your vision while bringing more than enough durability to ensure your home will last for decades. 

Plus, it’s well suited to climates around the country:

Regardless of where you decide to build, a ventilated fiber cement siding system is a proven solution that will give you peace of mind.

Choosing the Fiber Cement Board to Match Your Style

Choosing the Right Fiber Cement Siding Product for Your Style

Fiber cement board is as versatile as it is durable. Depending on the product you buy, it can be finished to look like everything from traditional siding to stucco, modern reveal panels, brick, stone and even wood. Fiber cement siding products come in a huge variety of profiles. 

Knowing which exterior siding style is best for you comes down to a matter of personal taste. When you look at architectural magazines, Google, Pinterest and Houzz, or even just drive around your neighborhood, notice which looks appeal to you more than others to get an idea of your preferences. Save these in a shareable document or platform like Evernote and your architect, HOA, builder and installer will appreciate it.

Let’s look at fiber cement siding ideas that are sure to give you inspiration for your forever home.

If You’re Looking for High Drama

Nichiha VintageWood

For an ultra-modern look that’s high on drama, this home in Atlanta pulls out all the stops. The use of geometric modules, contrasting colors, recessed windows and black trim gives a sense of movement and contrast to this property.

The homeowners chose two styles of fiber cement siding to further enhance the effect of the design. The use of the white plaster sets the visual boundaries of the home, while the bark-colored VintageWood draws the eye inward, creating a color contrast demanded by modern design. The color variation within the individual VintageWood panels gives the illusion of natural wood paneling, creating a contrast in textures that can be seen from the street.

If You’re Looking for a Warm Welcome

Nichiha Sierra Premium Shake

This home brings dimension using different textures of fiber cement panels, contrasting the Sierra Premium Shake wood-style planks to the wider, crisp and smooth ArchitecturalBlock panels

The Sierra Shake brings a touch of natural warmth, ensuring the modernity of the gray ArchitecturalBlock panels doesn’t seem too somber. Plus, Sierra Shake can be installed three times faster than standard fiber cement, is twice as thick for increased durability, and comes with mitered corners for a more modern look. 

Plus, by using fiber cement shakes along with fiber cement panels, you use one manufacturer with one warranty and one installer, for a faster, smoother process and get a clean, modern feel without sacrificing durability or increasing construction times. 

How To Get Started...

Get inspiration for your next residential project. From traditional to modern, our look book is filled with the latest trends and styles to build your dream home. 

If You Believe Less Is More

Nichiha Fiber Cement Minimalist

Your home should be a soothing oasis from the minute you step out of the car after a long day. Fiber cement is a great way to build a modern minimalist retreat, using large panels for uninterrupted lines and a muted color pallet to soothe the senses.

But minimal doesn’t have to be boring. VintageWood panels along the roofline draw the eye up and create a gentle pop of color. And many homeowners are finding creative ways to use trim to create visual interest, without disrupting the overall flow of the design.

If Your Style Runs More Modern

Nichiha Miraia Onyx

If your taste runs more modern, you can’t do better than Miraia in Onyx. This smooth, high-gloss surface in wide panels is a sure showstopper. The deep black of the panels provides a big contrast against the bright greens and tans of the landscape, ensuring the home stands out. 

This is one house that will get every passerby to stop and stare. 

If You Like a Little Bit of Both

Nichiha Transitional Modern

Transitional modern design brings the classics together with modern touches. This Oregon home brings classic looks like fiber cement board and batten siding and a metal plantation-style roof together with modern elements like an off-center staircase and large double-door entrance.

Transitional modern gives homeowners the flexibility to incorporate all of their favorite design aspects from different styles to create a dream home that is truly unique. Consider using a neutral color palette with added pop from a single dark-colored element like this high definition vertical ribbed panel in Gunsmoke color. Wood-look exterior home siding with metal accents is a great way to achieve the contrasts of modern that is in such demand.

A transitional modern aesthetic balances an updated look with classic lines. Using traditional shapes like high gabled roofs means your home will stay looking current, and choosing a durable and high-quality modern wall paneling means your dream home will last for years to come.

For more information and inspiration, visit the Nichiha website.

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