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R&R Masterpieces to Get You Inspired for Your Next Project

As every aspirational house flipper knows, the exterior of a home is one of the most important areas to address. Thankfully, manufacturers have stepped up, providing products and services to make the most out of what is already there.

But what if your project needs an entirely new exterior? If this is the case, congratulations! You have a wonderful opportunity to choose a product that will increase your property value, look amazing and protect the home’s inhabitants better than any other material on the market.  

Ready to get inspired? Check out these R&R masterpieces below and get your creativity flowing.

Go From Bleak to Chic

There is a myth going around that fiber cement siding all looks the same. While it’s true that home exteriors in some fiber cement neighborhoods tend to look the same, Nichiha fiber cement siding gives homeowners an opportunity to elevate their design and differentiate their property while staying well within the bounds of HOAs and the surrounding area’s aesthetic.

Nichiha fiber cement siding home exterior 1

Nichiha panels come in a wide selection of colors, styles and finishes, and it can be used in both interior and exterior applications. The design opportunities are endless.

Nichiha fiber cement siding home exterior 2

Above, you can see Nichiha’s fiber cement siding made this home look like a completely different house. From faded vinyl siding to beautiful green paired with shaker accents, this home’s exterior went from bleak to chic.

Change Bland Taupe to Elegant Gray

Choosing a home design can be incredibly challenging with how quickly fads come and go. That’s why Nichiha is constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest home trends and designs to help homeowners find the look that’s perfect for them.

Nichiha fiber cement siding home exterior 3

You could go for dramatic — fiber cement’s multiple texture and color options allow you to ramp it up a notch and go for flair. Different shades in color can add a dramatic look to a home that originally blended in.

Nichiha fiber cement siding home exterior 4

Think a full multi-level house exterior renovation sounds complex? Think again. It might come as a surprise to learn that fiber-cement panels are comparatively lightweight and manageable — especially compared to brick or masonry. Your installation will be a breeze and house panels from Nichiha come in an easy-to-install design with clip fasteners.

Curb Appeal Conversion

Back in the day, stucco cladding was the only material in town when building designers and homeowners were looking for low-cost siding options, but not anymore. With the evolution of fiber cement, there’s now a new player in town who is more durable, weather-resilient and cost-competitive.

Nichiha fiber cement siding home exterior 5

Fiber cement siding not only gives homeowners a more aesthetically pleasing and diverse material option, but it’s also resistant to moisture, fire, wind and pests.

This R&R project took an already-stately home and brought it into the 21st century. With a dramatic white and black accent choice paired with a beautiful neutral light brown lap siding AND shaker accents above the garage and around the picture window, this home is officially a jaw-dropper. 

Choose Fiber Cement for Your Next R&R 

No matter where your R&R project is located, fiber cement is the right choice. 

In southern, humid climates, fiber cement is a much better alternative compared to other building materials. It doesn’t allow organic occupants such as termites or fungi to infest the siding, protecting the exterior and the inside from pests. It can withstand high humidity without rotting or warping as wood products do.

In dry climates where wildfires are a concern, fiber cement siding has fire-resistant properties and many insurance companies even offer discounted premiums to homeowners who use fiber cement.

In coastal regions where homes have to deal with sun exposure, salt spray, and humidity, fiber cement can withstand up to 130 miles per hour winds and will stand tall against a hurricane. Nichiha’s rainscreen system also features drainage channels to keep water out of the home’s building cavity, preventing any mold or water damage.

In northern climates where it’s significantly colder and has more of a significant temperature range, traditional materials can become a problem due to shrinking from cyclical freezing and thawing. Fiber cement can survive extreme seasonality without cracking, weathering or buckling.

Fiber cement products are the residential exterior solutions that give you the aesthetics you want without the maintenance and performance issues that plague traditional materials like stucco, wood or brick.

Reach Out to Nichiha Today

Nichiha fiber cement panels are manufactured with sustainability at top of mind and have been trusted by builders and homeowners for decades. With a smoother installation process and panels that are tested to the most stringent safety standards across the country, Nichiha fiber cement has durability and dependability you can count on.

Did you find the inspiration you were craving? Head over to our gallery for more ideas and inspiration, and check out our pricing page to see if Nichiha is in your project’s budget.

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