This green, rustic home features fiber cement siding. The green siding contrasts with the warm, rustic wood shake siding on the gables and the cool gray roof.
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Perfect Pairings: How To Coordinate Your Roof and Siding

There are multiple ways for homeowners to add visual appeal and boost the aesthetic of their home’s facade. One of our favorite ways is to coordinate the roofing colors and siding designs. Mixing colors, textures and different roofing material choices can make for a successful and attractive solution for adding curb appeal. 

Are you getting ready to start your project? To contrast or coordinate, that is the question. Matching shingle colors or different colors of shingles? Dimensional roof shingle colors or flat roof? Roof colors that pop or all matte black? The options are endless. 

But first, let’s take a look at the rationale behind pairing various materials and textures.

Mixing Materials, Textures and Colors

When materials, textures and colors are mixed in exterior design, it can form layers, create volume or even break up an otherwise simplistic exterior look. Colors can be coordinated or contrasting. Find a color palette that visually works and either melds together or balances each other out. 

For a traditional look, visually “ground” your home with a darker color. For example, when looking for roof colors for a tan house, add black or dark gray as house shingle colors to strike a balance. 

Smooth siding looks sleek paired with rough brick or stone. Or, a flat roof with a board-and-batten style siding can add volume and visual interest, even if the shingle color is the same across the whole roof. 

When planning the design, be thoughtful with placement. One trick is to position mixed materials near an architectural feature begging to be highlighted — an interesting window, bump-out addition, etc. Longevity is also key. Look for mixing opportunities that will be long-lasting, durable and timeless. You don’t have to go for popular shingle colors that may get dated in just a few short years.  

Sleek Lines and Stone-Like Siding

A gray and wooden home with a 45-degree shaped, a flat roof is focused in a snowy landscape.

This home could have gone with a flat, unnoticeable roof. Instead, they went for a contrasting yet cohesive design. To balance out the garage’s wood tones, these homeowners used Nichiha’s ArchitecturalBlock wall panels in gray on the rest of the home while the shape of the roof gives the homeowners clean lines, expansive views and ample light. 

This choice in roofing allows the hillside home to become a three-story tower. With a modern shape, they get panoramic views of the Minneapolis skyline while their siding provides protection during the frigid winters and humid summers. 

Contrasting for Drama

A brown and dark blue home in Nichiha fiber cement siding is the focal point of the photo. There is a balcony looking out into the valley on the front side of the home.

Nichiha’s extensive product line allows homeowners to ramp it up and truly create something that has never been seen before. High contrast shades, like sleek light brown siding against rich wooden beams and a straight-edged black roof, make this home stand out from all the rest. 

Homeowners who pride themselves on dynamic design and crisp lines will adore the design above. This home has so much going on — thick, horizontal lines in brown; thin, vertical lines in gray; supporting gray stones; golden wooden beams; and a razor-sharp black roof.  

Back-to-Back Black

A black and gold wooden home with Nichiha fiber cement siding is the focal point of this photo. There’s a blue sky, greenery surrounding and behind the home, and a carport with a white interior.

Creating a cohesive color and texture combination between a home’s roof and exterior siding is a phenomenal way to achieve a transitional, ever-current design. It’s a blend of modern and traditional. This home above has industrial-chic vibes with concrete as its base, and paired with a matching roof, it amazingly gives off both a rural and urban setting.

The greatest part is this siding gives off a concrete aesthetic without any cracking or discoloration concerns — it’s like an edgy modern farmhouse look without all the stress.

Light and Bright

A baby yellow home with a pitched roof with Nichiha fiber cement siding is overlooking a lake. There are two garages in front of the home with a large yard surrounding the home.

Go for a blended look and keep both the roof and siding light and airy. Warm, natural colors are making their way back into popularity. Wood accents, like in the home above, complement the pastel colors beautifully while still keeping a natural feel. 

The subtle Savannah Smooth fiber cement siding mixed with the stone-like design and cedar shakes creates the ultimate lake house vibe. Planning to build a home that overlooks a water view? Fiber cement is the way to go — its weather-resistant qualities make it the perfect solution for beach or lake homes

Texture Mixing to Stand Out

A white, brown and black home with Nichiha fiber cement siding is the center focal point in this photo. There is a cloudy sky, a few neighboring homes and a green lawn surrounding the home.

Texture mixing is a fantastic way to make your home stand out. Mixing new roof textures with fiber cement can add dramatic appeal to the exterior of a home. By mixing two fiber cement textures, like wood and white stone panels, with a third roof texture, a harmonious look is formed. It is modern, yet timeless.

Whether it’s a humid summer day and the green grass is shining or the plains are sprinkled in white snow dust, a home is sure to stand out when a triple-texture design is involved. 

Compare the home above to its neighboring counterparts. Sure, the other homes are sweet and serene. But for all the firecrackers out there who ache for drama, light fiber cement siding and a dark roof can be your best design friend.

Opt for No Roof

A glossy, black home in Nichiha Miraia siding is the focal point of this image. The house has a door on the right and four differently-sized square windows. There’s a blue sky and a few thin, tiny bush trees in front of the house by the sidewalk.

Okay, we don’t mean literally no roof — but make it invisible to the eye. This Japanese-style modern home is the perfect example of an ultra-sleek design. As a cost-conscious alternative to black metal cladding, Nichiha developed Miraia, shown above. It offers a reflective, high-gloss black finish that’s backed by the durability of fiber cement. It’s a home material sure to spark conversation on the street.

Nichiha Fiber Cement Solutions

Nichiha can help make your design dreams come true. With representatives who are experts in color, texture and materials mixing, Nichiha is your exterior siding solution. Check out Nichiha’s product lines to select the best style of fiber cement siding for your home — who doesn’t want durable, long-lasting, aesthetically beautiful and sustainable material for their home’s exterior?

Have questions? Reach out to Nichiha’s Technical Design Review Team. We’d love to offer you professional insight into your siding and roofing needs. 

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