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How Well Does Nichiha Perform in Extreme Temperatures and Cold Weather?

If you live anywhere that requires a windshield scraper and snow boots, you probably know how hard it is to both install and maintain siding during winter. 

While fiber cement installation in winter might sound daunting and downright exhausting, it doesn’t have to be — if you choose the right commercial fiber cement cladding manufacturer. 

Nichiha performance

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Durability of Fiber Cement in Cold Weather

Fiber cement cladding is very resilient when it comes to winter weather. It provides some insulation (R1.23-2.24) helping to keep occupants warm and lowering energy costs. It is also more resilient and more durable than other materials, as it does not expand or contract due to weather and moisture has no effect on its performance. 

So how does it compare to wood, vinyl or aluminum siding?

Wood is sometimes used as an insulating cladding material over options such as aluminum or vinyl, but wood is porous. This means that any moisture from the normal freeze/thaw cycle can seep into the wood. Any trapped moisture will freeze and expand, cracking the wood — letting in even more moisture into the frame of the building which will eventually turn to rot once spring rolls around. 

Vinyl cracks in the cold, especially if something hits it hard — like a falling tree limb or hail during a winter blizzard storm. Aluminum might not crack, but it will dent easily and can leave you with faded coloring and a powdery residue on your exterior.

If you want a material that doesn’t need to be scraped and painted frequently due to free/thaw damage AND still protect your building in any weather, fiber cement siding is the one for you. But, which fiber cement siding manufacturer should you use?

Fiber Cement in Cold Weather

Installing Nichiha Fiber Cement in Wet, Cold Conditions

Nichiha stands out when it comes to its fiber cement cladding because of the high-quality materials, the manufacturing process and the ease of installation. 

Nichiha fiber cement panels are made from a patented composite of cement, fly ash, silica, recycled materials and wood fibers. 

The unique dry manufacturing process by which the ½” Premium Planks and ⅝” Architectural Wall Panels are made results in a very flat product that is highly impact-resistant and temperature cycle durable, so they will not warp, bow or buckle, even in the wildest temperature fluctuations. 

Installing Nichiha Fiber Cement in Wet, Cold Conditions

Moisture intrusion from melting snow is not a worry when it comes to Nichiha, for several reasons. 

  1. They are treated with a waterproof coating. 
  2. They are very dense which makes them highly resistant to water intrusion.
  3. They feature a built-in rainscreen system to offer moisture protection, saving you from purchasing and installing a separate rainscreen system. 

However, if you don’t plan on using them immediately on the job site, you should store the product off the ground and make sure your cut ends are sealed or protected with fiber cement trim. This keeps them durable and long-lasting.

Nichiha also offers the Ultimate Clip system, making installation extremely simple and efficient, so you can get out of the cold and wet faster. For more information, check out this video of Nichiha’s easy-to-install design using clip fasteners with step-by-step instructions.

If your install team is using Nichiha for the first time, we’re happy to offer virtual or in-person pre-construction training for team members to ensure the project installs as smoothly as possible. 

How To Get Started...

Get inspiration for your next residential project. From traditional to modern, our look book is filled with the latest trends and styles to build your dream home. 

A Snowy Success for Nichiha

A great success story showcasing Nichiha’s performance in extreme temperatures and cold weather is the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center. In the cold weather climate of the Rocky Mountains, commercial building requirements included stricter standards for snow loads and wind safety. Because of these requirements, they chose Nichiha.

Snowy Success for Nichiha

Because Nichiha panels are tested for high-performance and durability, the Gaylord team knew that the resort’s design was going to last for decades, which was important to both the resort team and the parent company Marriott, who didn’t want to endure the hassle and cost of having to replace their cladding every few years.

The warmth of Nichiha’s VintageWood panels and the stone details around the base of the design are a nod to the natural beauty of the resort’s surroundings. Alongside the durability and weather resistance, the resort was impressed by Nichiha’s extensive collection of colors and styles. Check out the whole case study here.

Nichiha in the North

Nichiha snow

Nichiha fiber cement panels are manufactured with sustainability in mind and have been used to protect buildings across the world for decades. Our patented fiber cement siding system offers a smoother installation process and is tested to the most stringent safety standards. Featuring an extensive warranty, Nichiha fiber cement siding is more than dependable over the long term

Nichiha in the North

Want to learn more about Nichiha’s fiber cement siding and how it can be a solution for you, no matter your climate? Contact your Nichiha rep for answers to all your questions or to request an installation training consultation.

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