Case Study Oceola Neighborhood

Case Study

Oceola Neighborhood

Builders and contractors need an exterior solution that helps them guarantee protection for the homes they build. 

But protection isn’t always your homeowner’s biggest priority. When Thomas Brett was contracted to handle the design-build and installation of the Oceola neighborhood project, he needed something that would stand up over time, and look good long after installation. 

“Homeowners deserved something more than traditional lap siding,” said Brett. He worked with local architect Zach Provanchee at Zinc Architects, who specializes in modern residential design and works with homeowners in the booming Nashville metro area.

Modern home design requires an exterior look that’s both bold and inviting. There are a vast array of exterior products that can help architects achieve a contemporary design, but they can come with a higher price tag or require heavy maintenance. Everyone loves the look of wood, for instance, but the investment that goes into maintenance and repair isn’t so attractive.

“We only considered systems that were going to stand up, where we’d be able to return to the project in 5 or 6 years and it would look the same as it did at installation,” says Brett. 

Brett and the design team looked to local lumber dealer Midway Supply, in search of a sustainable and high-performing solution.

“Because of the style and look that we were after, we were referred to Nichiha,” says Brett.  

Modern architects across the world have used architectural wall panels made from fiber cement to achieve stylish impact in exterior design. But not all products have long-lasting appeal, and the installation process can slow some builders down. 

“It was a good experience with Nichiha,” says Brett. “They were a great partner.” He worked with Kody Holt, a representative with Nichiha, who helped with installation plans. 

The design-build team used Nichiha’s VintageWood and IndustrialBlock to finish the exteriors on homes in the 13-unit development. 

“They’re all showstoppers,” says Brett. Because of Nichiha’s high performing fiber cement cladding, homeowners in the Oceola neighborhood will get a look that’s unique, without having to spend time painting, maintaining or repairing their exterior.  

The look, warranty and performance helped to convince the property’s developer that the upfront cost was an upgrade on the exterior and would reap benefits. “Nichiha helps the homes stand out,” says Brett. “This is something that no one else is doing on residential properties in the Nashville area.”

Because Nichiha products were used on the entirety of the home’s facade, installation was made easier. And Nichiha’s architectural wall panels come with a built-in rainscreen, eliminating the need for additional layers on the exterior and additional time on installation. 

“Nichiha was great to work with,” says Brett. “The panels were received quickly and on time; no issues with lead times or availability.”

By working with a durable and easy-to-install product, builders can help guarantee that their installation is a success. And when you’re looking for a solution that delivers on style, Nichiha fiber cement panels give homeowners a one-of-a-kind design they’ll cherish for years. 

“You can’t replicate the look,” says Brett.

The Challenge

Thomas Brett was contracted for a design-build project and needed a stylish solution for exterior protection for the new Oceola residential development in Nashville. The exterior’s design needed to make an impact on homeowners so that developers could offer premium options to buyers looking for modern style and guaranteed performance.

The Solution

Nichiha fiber cement panels were suggested by the materials dealer as a solution for modern style on residential homes. The easy-to-install panels would streamline the job for builders, and fiber cement delivers a highly durable exterior that protects homes.

The Results

Using VintageWood and IndustrialBlock panels from Nichiha, the design-build team was able to achieve a bold exterior design that would stand up over time, without requiring heavy maintenance.

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