Small Space Living: A Trend That’s Anything But Small
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Small Space Living: A Trend That’s Anything But Small

The small space living trend is sweeping the globe. In a world where we have amassed an unrivaled amount of clutter, tiny dwellings are tempting. From sheds to tiny homes, man caves, cottages, in-law suites, art studios and more, there are plenty of options no matter your style, space or needs.

Small homes are made possible with creative, eye-catching small home exterior, good organization and ample outdoor space. Feast your eyes on some small space living inspiration and imagine a world where less really is more.

Small and Shiny


This custom home in Japan shows that small can still be showstopping. It features Nichiha’s Miraia architectural wall panels, which have a reflective, high-gloss finish that complements sleek modern designs seamlessly.

This home’s Miraia wall panels were so captivating that it was featured among Architect Magazine's favorite finds at the 2018 AIA Conference Expo. A combination of the Japanese terms for 'mirror' and 'future,' Miraia reflects the spirit of innovation and consistent drive to challenge the boundaries of fiber cement to spark creativity and bring design possibilities to life.

Modular Homes for the Modern Homeowner


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Modular home construction is a tried-and-true solution for thoughtful, sustainable home design. It’s a popular construction technique across the entire world, and in countries like Japan, it’s the norm. Ranging in popularity from Sweden to Australia to Germany, more than 15 percent of new homes built globally were modular.

Modular construction, also called prefabricated or offsite construction, means the buildings’ parts are fabricated into modules inside a factory, and then the modules are delivered to the construction site and assembled according to design specifications.

Prefabricated construction is proven to speed up construction timelines, and if you go for a tiny modular home, your home will be built even quicker. And if you also choose fiber cement siding, you can spend even less time on the on-site portion of construction. 

Nichiha’s architectural wall panels are installed using the patented Ultimate Clip Installation System. This means the fiber cement panels install easily and quickly, whether you choose the look of wood, cement, stone or even a combination

Gorgeous Garden Pavilions


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Architect Gary Shoemaker and his design firm created this lovely Pavillion that has a central living room, a high ceiling, a bedroom with a raised loft, a kitchenette and a full bathroom. It’s located in the middle of the big city and offers a perfect respite for any visitors.

It could stand on its own with its incredibly tasteful design as a small-living space, but it also works great as a two-building homestead.

A Tiny Utopia


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When many think of small homes, they believe they have to give up all of their amenities. But, tiny luxury homes do exist. You can have enough seating and sleeping options, alongside outdoor space, high-end appliances, vaulted ceilings, plenty of storage space and more. It just takes a little planning and some good design work.

The home above is called the Zion Park Model, and it has a clean mono slope pitch with a contemporary look and a gorgeous covered porch with plenty of shelter from wind or rain. It also has an oversized, triple panel glass sliding door to make you feel like you are always enjoying the outdoors and all the breathtaking views the world has to offer.

Prefab and Fabulous


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Prefabricated homes are all the rage right now, and California-based AVAVA creates designs for both millennials and boomers who move often. These tiny homes significantly reduce construction waste and use around 50% less concrete than traditional homes.

Because these homes can also disassemble easily and be re-erected just about anywhere, it allows you to bring home with you anywhere you want to go.

Art Studio for Two


This art studio was temporarily used as a tiny home after a wildfire swept through the area and burned the owners’ home — which was only 145 feet away — to the ground. Really. This quaint cabin used Nichiha fiber cement siding and metal roofing which are both made to survive fires, and saved the owners from being homeless while their main house was being rebuilt. 

This gorgeous tiny home features Nichiha’s Sierra Shake siding for a beautiful wood texture that’s fire-resistant, a welcome benefit in wildfire-prone areas.


Tiny cottage in California with lucious green garden

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Cottagecore (also known under the name Farmcore or Countrycore) is an aesthetic inspired by a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life. It is centered on ideas around more of a simple life and harmony with nature.

That’s what makes this charming bungalow cottage in California so special and mesmerizing. At 970 square feet, this quaint little cottage home is surrounded by nature with plenty of windows for natural light. It was originally the gardener’s residence on a larger property in 1890 but has since been modernized to create the perfect blend of old school cottage design and modern-day needs.

And if you choose NichiShake for your cottage-style exterior siding, you can be sure that your tiny home will last for decades to come. 

Dream Big for Your Small Space

Using Nichiha fiber cement wall panels is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your tiny home’s design and provide superior protection for the entire life of the structure. With a plethora of colors, profiles, sheens, and textures, you can take your vision for your small space and make it a reality.

If you want to get inspired by all the things you can do by using Nichiha, check out our gallery or order a sample today.

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