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How Nichiha’s Reps Help Southeast Builders Stand Out From Competitors

Subcontractors, vendors and suppliers play an increasingly important role in the residential project delivery process. At Nichiha, we know how critical it is to deliver a project on time, within budget and at the prescribed level of quality established in specifications for the completed build. This is why we can confidently say that we can help you increase your bottom line.

Nichiha’s network of siding representatives across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States can help you grow your business through our NichiProduct line manufactured 100% in Macon, Georgia. See how we can help you be successful with our residential exterior solutions

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Dedicated Account Representatives 

Nichiha has account representatives across the country who are ready to ensure that you have all the information you need to complete your project successfully. They connect builders with Nichiha’s team of experts to make sure your project runs smoothly without a hitch and on time. 

Nichiha knows that with codes and products changing constantly, choosing the right material for your project can be a pain, which is why Nichiha’s reps, stationed in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast areas, are bubbling with climate and area specific product knowledge to make sure you choose the right exterior solution for your project.

No matter what style you choose to go with, your projects will stand out and fulfill your clients’ expectations. Your account representative will walk you through the benefits of fiber cement siding: its durability, its ease of installation, its versatility, its defense system against pests and fire, its cost efficiency and its warranty protection so you can feel secure in your choice.

Whether it’s your first Nichiha project, or your 20th, you can set up a pre-construction meeting with Nichiha’s experts. These meetings ensure that the products you purchased are correct, help you get training on proper product installation to avoid common hurdles, help you achieve lower project costs by focusing on efficiency to improve your margins and give you a second set of eyes.

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Exceptional Backend and Logistical Support

The support that Nichiha provides for its builders is unmatched. Nichiha offers an Architectural Detail Finder on our website to walk you through the entire building process no matter what material you are building with. 

The Architectural Detail Finder allows you to browse by product, framing, insulation, orientation or by installation category: Dimensions & Images, Installation Components, Trim, Full Wall Sections, Openings & Penetrations, Movement Joints, Corners, Transitions.

With each product, you are able to easily request a sample or a brochure at the click of a button. Orders typically ship within a 24-48 hour time period excluding holidays and weekends. 

No matter what questions you may have for your project, Nichiha’s Resource Center is a hotspot for answers and solutions. Whether you need installation support, design support, educational tools, warranty questions or literature to browse, Nichiha’s Resource Center contains all the technical information necessary for you to trust every Nichiha product.

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Design Assistance for Product Support

Nichiha also offers a free Technical Design Review, an incredibly easy and quick function to schedule through our website. This review takes the intimidation factor out of the equation. It allows you to talk about your project with Nichiha’s team of engineers and architects to help your idea achieve action.

During your Technical Design Review, you’ll have access to Nichiha’s Fire Ratings, Energy Codes, General Feasibility and VE options, Atypical Installation Requirements, Design Best Practices and Design Optimization. You can commit to Nichiha’s products with a well-rounded base of product knowledge.

Our team will provide a list of recommendations for you that includes building specs, how to improve build time, cost savings, elevation and detail markups, efficient layout ideas or alternatives, and wall assembly adjustment. All of these combined are sure to increase your bottom line.

Nichiha also believes in the power of continuing education, which is why we offer virtual courses on our website. These virtual courses are updated consistently with all of the latest design trends in the industry and all the updates in Nichiha’s materials and technologies as we improve and evolve. 

These courses are AIA-approved and help you stay at the forefront of design and sharpen your skill set. They are accessible and flexible, curated by one of our reps as a live presentation, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and earn credits without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

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Nichiha Can’t Be Beat

When choosing siding for your next project, you want the best without sacrificing style or budget. Making a decision can be difficult when there are so many types and companies to choose from. However, choosing Nichiha with their dedicated account representatives, exceptional logistical support and design expertise makes it easy.

To increase your bottom line on your next residential project, contact a Nichiha rep today to get started.

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