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3 Ways Production Builders Can Use Exterior House Panels to Create Inspiring Residential Design

Exterior House Panel Designs

Due to the aesthetics of social media and the uptick in binge-worthy home improvement shows, homeowners today are savvier than ever about the design of their homes. There are a plethora of ways to innovate and inspire when designing and building modern homes, and siding is arguably one of the most important design choices of all.

Nothing skyrockets curb appeal more than the outside of a home, and exterior house panels are all the rage in creating a residential design that inspires. Colors, materials, details, and designs of exterior house siding should be thoughtfully pondered and creatively executed to ensure your subdivision’s success.

Certain exterior styles are currently resonating with homeowners in the ever-changing climate of trends — and Nichiha can provide the exact design desired. Take a look at some of the residential exterior solutions that Nichiha offers.

The Finesse of Fiber Cement Siding

When building a home in today’s day and age, builders want a design that will make clients pull into the driveway with a look of wonder in their eyes and say, “That is my dream house.” 

Fiber cement siding has been around for over a hundred years and has only improved over time, both stylistically and with regard to durability. However, not all fiber cement siding is equal. There is a wide range of price, performance, and aesthetic to consider. But don’t worry: No matter the budget or inspiration, Nichiha can help.

Rustic — But Make It Modern

Exterior House Panel Designs 1

Rustic homes have been an extremely popular style for generations, drawing inspiration from nature through the use of natural materials and neutral, dark colors. Rustic homes have an exterior that creates a welcoming, inviting atmosphere and gives homes a sense of woodsy wonderment.

Today’s emphasis on timelessness has brought back a traditional material: cedar. It offers a rustic motif and spruces up curbside appeal. While cedar shiplap, tongue-and-groove, or rustic cedar planks could work, they will eventually succumb to rot and pest infestations.

Instead, create a cedar-esque look utilizing NichiProducts. They contain the same charming contours of cedar, but with very little maintenance and no hassle. They come in a wide array of colors with easy-to-follow and efficient installation. The durability of fiber cement means you never have to worry about rot, pests, moisture, or water damage. Plus, it’s fire- and hurricane-resistant, so clients can get the wood look they want no matter their climate or location.

Wood is the mainstay of rustic home exteriors, but it isn’t the only material that can shine ...

Exterior House Panel Designs 2

Stone is a material that builders have used since the Stone Age (get it?), and while it can seem cold, when done right it is warm and inviting. One way to help warm up a stone exterior is by combining it with wood — or fiber cement that looks like wood. The stone acts as an accent while the rest of the home's exterior is finished with NichiStaggered Siding.

Elevate Your Design

Exterior House Panel Designs 3

One of the most impressive feats a builder can accomplish is constructing a design element that revolutionizes both style and preparedness. In certain climates, weather and geographical space have a huge impact on how sustainable a home can be.

When designing a masterpiece that is both eye-catching and life-saving for a client, the value provided is immeasurable. Like the project pictured above, it’s possible to elevate a home (stylistically and literally) by raising it on columns. This creates more space for parking and offers an extra layer of protection in flood-prone environments like those on the coast.

Wet climate homes may also benefit from a product like NichiStraight exterior home siding. It is resistant to warping, rotting, and damage from pests and water, and the straight edges on the panel match nicely with the clean line of the elevated project. 

Colorful Curb Appeal

Exterior House Panel Designs 4

Back in the day, home exterior siding offered builders only a handful of neutral colors, leaving little room for innovation or visual interest. But today’s products provide virtually unlimited color choices, so it’s easy to find siding to compliment any build.

Outside of classic siding, builders now have the ability to style exteriors with accent walls, window shutters, doorways, roofs, and coordinating hardware. Above, see a gorgeous green siding paired with Nichiha’s Maple Sierra Premium Shake Pre-Finished Plank Siding for a charming contrast that is unique and striking against the setting sun.

Choose the Right Material for Inspiring Design

Nichiha can deliver on the exact exterior design desired, in a durable, long-lasting material that won’t break the budget. If you want your house to be the most beautiful and the best performing one on the block, the obvious choice is Nichiha. 

Get started on your project today with Nichiha exterior house panels. Click here to contact your local rep or check out our price estimator.

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