Fiber Cement Siding Case Study: The Kaiserian Family Home

Case Study

The Kaiserian Family Home

When remodeling his home, Ed Kaiserian was on the hunt for a reliable, durable and moisture-resistant exterior cladding to replace the siding on his 1980s property that he raised his family in.

“The house was 37 years old when we did the work,” explains Ed. “It’s a 1980s California contemporary with white cedar on the second floor. The first floor was primarily stucco.”  

Ed loved the home, but the exterior materials had been exposed to the elements for decades and had experienced damage.

“The house was aging and the exterior needed to be repaired or replaced,” says Ed. “But we were looking for a maintenance-free solution, and we wanted to maintain the character of the home.” 

Ed appreciated the home’s classic style and didn’t want to lose that in the remodel. He also wanted to retain the stone detail on the exterior.  “We wanted to draw the colors out with whatever we selected, but wanted to amplify the look of the stone,” says Ed. “We like the stucco look, but we wanted to update the 1980s construction.”

After spending quite a bit of time considering the project, he decided to consult with his daughter, Lara, who was in an architectural studies program. “He was loosely working on the project for two years. I was studying architectural engineering, and Dad said, ‘Lara could be project manager,’” laughs Lara. “It was easy for us to work together, and my role was to keep him on track.”

Lara joined Ed in the search for the right exterior solution for her childhood home. “I was blessed to have Lara on the project, let me tell you,” laughs Ed. 

He preferred a vertical siding application but kept hitting dead ends in his search. “I couldn’t find any fiber cement, vinyl or other synthetic products that could be mounted vertically, that was our struggle,” says Ed, who had nearly given up on his quest for the right siding. 

“I was throwing my hands up saying, ‘I’ll just go with vinyl siding, this is horrible,’” laughs Ed. However, Ed knew he’d need a product that would last longer than most and didn’t want to settle for just any material.”

Another critical component was performance given the home’s location and age. 

“A motivating factor for us was that the wood siding was being eaten by pests and the stucco was water damaged,” says Lara. “We had to do something.”

Eventually, both Ed and Lara found Nichiha siding. “And actually, each of us came upon NIchiha separately,” says Ed. 

“I knew we weren’t the first people that wanted something that looked like this,” says Ed. He spent a bit of time on Google looking for answers.

“And then I saw the Nichiha website and saw what I wanted. The wood siding actually looked like wood,” Ed says. 

He sent an inquiry through the Nichiha site and remembers when a representative called. “Armand called within 30 minutes after sending an inquiry, and he signed us up for samples,” says Ed. 

When the samples came, Ed and Lara were both impressed. “It was no doubt. We had a dozen different samples from other products, and when we got the Nichiha samples, we loved it.”

Once they placed an order for the project, the real work started.

Ed and Laura’s contractors agreed to work with fiber cement, even though it would be their first time working with Nichiha’s product. They were pleased that Nichiha provides customer support for all of our products, from installation videos to in-person consultations, ensuring the job goes smoothly.  

“Shane from Nichiha came and showed us how to install the product, and he showed the contractors,” says Lara. “There was a lot of precision required for the installation. Shane emphasized that, and the contractors reworked some of what they’d done so everything would be level and precise,” explains Ed. Because the house was angular, the cuts had to be perfect to achieve the perfect look, but Shane was there to advise.

Because it was the first time for the contractors and for Ed and Lara, the process came with a learning curve, and contractors who’ve had to go for a callback on a project know that getting things installed right the first time is key. “There were a lot of unknowns, and we really did learn a lot of things,” says Ed.  

The end result? “We’re delighted,” says Ed. Although the project had challenges, Ed gives the contractors credit for being persistent and achieving the look Ed and Lara wanted. While the home maintained its California contemporary style, Nichiha offered the home a fresh new face. 

“I would use Nichiha again,” says Ed. “It did exactly what we wanted it to do, and people have walked up to our house and told us it looks amazing.” 

And the appeal of Nichiha’s low-maintenance, moisture-resistant, high-performing product has started to catch on nearby. “One of our neighbors just used Nichiha on their home, as well,” says Ed.

Nichiha’s durable, stylish siding and customer support made the experience a rewarding one for the Kaiserian family. “The people at Nichiha were incredibly supportive and showed our project a lot of attention. They made it really personal and that went a long way for us — they worked with us and they had our back,” says Ed. 

“It was no doubt. We had a dozen different samples from other products, and when we got the Nichiha samples, we loved it.”
Ed Kaiserian, Homeowner   
The Challenge

Homeowner Ed Kaiserian and his daughter, Lara Kaiserian, wanted to give their family home a facelift without losing its original charm. The old cedar and stucco exterior had been damaged over the decades from pest and moisture infestation.

The Solution

Ed and Lara came across Nichiha online and found the exterior design they were after, along with the customer support needed for a successful renovation. Despite their (and their contractor’s) lack of experience with Nichiha, they were able to achieve their design.

The Results

The sleek new exterior gives the Kaiserian home a look that will last and the protection it truly deserves from the elements now and into the future. “Pests don’t like Nichiha,” laughs Ed.

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