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Woodgrain + Primer Comparison

Thanks to the innovations in construction materials, there is an array of exterior options for residential builders. 

If you want to give your clients and homeowners a high-quality fiber cement cladding that looks like real wood grain, you might want to look a little closer at what options are available before making a choice.

Nichiha vs. Hardie

James Hardie fiber cement is so well known in the industry, it’s often the standard for how other fiber cement brands perform. Homeowners love the look of fiber cement exteriors and choose the product as a lower-maintenance but highly durable alternative to real wood siding.

There are a few critical differences between Hardie products and Nichiha fiber cement siding. Both share the same exterior protection qualities that homeowners look for in an exterior: fire-resistance, moisture protection and a long lifetime. But on closer inspection, the two products look quite a bit different.

The Warm Look of Wood

The wood grain detail on Nichiha panels makes Nichiha a popular choice with homeowners who love the look of wood exteriors but can’t take on the maintenance that comes with a wood product. 

Even with closer inspection, the woodgrain feature on Nichiha’s fiber cement product looks like the real thing. 

Hardie siding offers the look of wood siding, as well, and the durability of fiber cement means that homeowners won’t have to worry about moisture or damage from pest infestation like they would with wood. But the woodgrain feature on Hardie board isn’t quite as detailed as Nichiha’s panel when you look a little closer. 

Primed Siding for Exterior Protection

Fiber cement panels from Nichiha and Hardie both come primed, but Nichiha panels include a second coat of primer for added protection. 

Even with a double coat of primer, the details of the wood grain on the Nichiha panel still stand out beautifully. The extra coat also helps to ensure that homeowners won’t need multiple layers of paint applied when installing their siding. 

Hardie fiber cement panels come with only one coat of primer, which means homeowners might need to apply an extra layer of paint to ensure adequate coverage.

Fiber Cement Design That Inspires

Homeowners have a few options for protection when it comes to their exterior. Fiber cement offers homeowners a weather-resilient and water-resistant option for their homes, which is why it’s such a popular choice on residential and commercial buildings alike. 


But sometimes you need to take a closer look at the products you’re using. 

For a high-performing and durable fiber cement panel that offers the look of real wood (without additional priming or maintenance), it’s easy to see that Nichiha delivers what homeowners want.

Want more ideas for a wood-inspired exterior? Take a look at Nichiha’s extensive selection of products here

You can also request a free sample of any of Nichiha’s products by clicking here

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