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The Process of Purchasing Nichiha

Shopping for building products isn’t always straightforward, so when anyone — an architect, designer, builder, installer or homeowner — goes through the fiber cement cladding purchase process, Nichiha strives to make it a smooth, seamless experience. 

Construction projects can be made easier when you work with a manufacturer that’s committed to your success. When you’re ready to buy materials from Nichiha, we have a full team of regional sales reps, engineering and specification teams and in-field installation support at your fingertips.

First Things First: Explore What’s Available

There are plenty of product solutions for your client when you work with Nichiha, but the range of available commercial fiber cement cladding products is wide. Nichiha makes the purchasing process easier to navigate with a few tools and resources on our website. It’s designed to make your fiber cement cladding purchase headache-free. 

You’ll want to first decide if your client needs a clip installation system or a nail fastened fiber cement cladding system. Nichiha’s Architectural Wall Panels come with a clip installation system, or you can select a nail-fastened installation with Nichiha’s Premium Plank siding. 

Hardware and accessories for your installation system are available through Nichiha as well, so you can complete your entire fiber cement cladding purchase at one time. 

buy fiber cement

Once you select your fiber cement product (or products), you can filter through search results based on style, finish, color and orientation, for whatever look you’re after. 

If you want a closer look at Nichiha’s products, you can navigate to the Applications tab in the header menu and check out the residential, multifamily and commercial projects that use Nichiha. 

purchase fiber cement

If you or your client needs more inspiration for a project, Nichiha’s photo gallery provides plenty of inspiration, whether you’re building a custom home or modern retail space.

purchase Nichiha fiber cement

Next Up: Estimating Materials Needed and Costs

Once you have an idea of what the exterior design will look like, Nichiha helps your project along further by offering a free Cost Estimator and Materials Calculator from our Pricing page.

buy Nichiha fiber cement

It’s a two-step process for Nichiha customers who want to financially prepare for their project and get a range of costs for their exterior design plans. The first step is inputting measurements for all of the wall applications in your design in Nichiha’s cost estimator tool.

fiber cement cladding products
Nichiha walks through planning the cost of the project and delivers a price estimate based on the Nichiha product you choose and the square footage of your space. 

Nichiha’s Materials Calculator

To calculate more specifically what you’ll spend on building materials, Nichiha’s Materials Calculator (pictured below) delivers specific pricing information for residential or commercial projects that meet the following criteria: 

modern retail space

If your project doesn’t meet those criteria, however, Nichiha is still there to support you. 

Reviewing Your Design

For projects that fall outside of the criteria, Nichiha offers a technical design review (TDR) to customers who need additional support. If your project is in a High-Velocity Wind Zone, above three stories and your materials will cost more than $30,000, the TDR is a great way to ensure a successful design. 

“We help out before it’s installed, so we can pull out any problems before the project gets to the field,” says Liz Bell, who helps Nichiha customers in the Midwest. This commitment to customer service helps ensure the structural integrity of your structure and that the project is compliant with local building and safety codes. 

Cost Estimator

Once you’ve decided on your Nichiha product(s) and get an exact price in the calculator, you can print off a purchase order for almost any lumber dealer for fulfillment. (You can also contact a Nichiha representative for help finding dealers in your area.)

Preparing for Your Installation

technical design review (TDR)

For commercial projects, Nichiha gives customers the option of a virtual or in-person pre-construction meeting. If your team has any concerns or questions prior to project kick-off, Nichiha offers support to anyone involved in the installation, to help guarantee the best results. 

pre-construction meeting

Installing Nichiha on a residential home? If you talk to your installation contractor about Nichiha, you might find that they’ve worked with Nichiha before or installed a similar product. If not, the Nichiha customer service team is happy to help to ensure your project is a success.

Installing Nichiha on a residential home

Set Your Next Project Up for Success

Nichiha’s commitment to customer service means our clients have support for their projects, no matter what Nichiha product is purchased. From free technical design reviews to cost estimation tools, every Nichiha customer has access to the support they need for their project. 

Get started on your project today. We look forward to working with you!

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