The Impact of Color on Cladding
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The Impact of Color on Cladding

What's your favorite color? Most people can answer this question without hesitation. Color is an integral part of our world and can have a psychological impact on all of us. As Frank H. Mahnke explains in an Archinect article, color not only impacts our natural surroundings, but also has influence within the architectural environment. He continues writing that a large percentage of the human-environment-reaction in an architectural setting is based on the sensory perception of color. Architects operate with this in mind, taking color into consideration during the design process.

One area where color tends to show its importance is on the exterior of the building. Colorful cladding catches the eye and helps elevate the overall design of a building. It also evokes an emotional response within individuals who are passing by. When discussing the need for color versatility with cladding, many architects feel versatility is important in helping them achieve their intended results. Architects are seeking cladding products that can provide them with the design flexibility they need.

The need for color options with cladding is prevalent in many different types of commercial construction. Architect Jay G. Silverman, Managing Principal at dwell design studio, explains the importance of color versatility saying, 'This is incredibly beneficial, especially on mixed-use projects and buildings in urban settings. We use a wide range of colors on our retail, multifamily and mixed-use projects as well as infill buildings in urban settings. Colors can be a cost-effective, signature exterior element for a project.'

Architecture firm dwell design studios - The Uptown at St. Johns in Jacksonville, Florida featuring Nichiha Illumination panels.

Color can bring an entirely new feel to a building and create a distinct personality. As Silverman explains, 'Often we are emphasizing a specific design feature with color, working our design into the surrounding context or using color to create an identity for the project.' Creating a building identity is a large feat and demonstrates the need for color versatility with cladding.

While there are many cladding products on the market, some offer color options more effectively than others. Architects can feel restricted with color choices for cladding as many products have drawbacks. Silverman explains, "In the past, we have been limited to various painted siding and stucco systems for color versatility on mixed-use and multifamily projects. Durability and low maintenance concerns often drove us to use metal products with a very limited color range." Not having access to a wide-range of colors can stifle creativity.

One cladding product that offers a color solution without the drawbacks is Nichiha's Illumination panel. Illumination provides a virtually limitless color palette. The Illumination panels are paired with the Color Xpressions system that allows almost any color to be brought to life on a durable, fiber cement Architectural Wall Panel. With its strong construction, Illumination panels ensure color remains looking beautiful for years to come. Architects appreciate that they are able to achieve color with a low maintenance cladding solution.

Silverman explains how he and his colleagues incorporate Illumination into their designs saying, "We are really attracted to the infinite color options, but also the durability and the clean, contemporary aesthetic the product offers. Offering our clients virtually unlimited color options in a maintenance-free product is exceptional."

Color on cladding continues to be an important aspect of the design process. What products have you found to be the most successful for incorporating color on cladding? Have you used Illumination? Tell us about the products you are using and how they are helping bring buildings to life. Interested in learning more about Illumination? Contact Us.

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