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Q&A with Owner of Garman Homes

Nichiha recently met up with our Builder of the Quarter, Garman Homes, for a Q&A. We had the privilege to speak with owner Jim Garman who gave us a behind the scenes look at his company and shared with us his valuable industry knowledge. We are excited to continue sharing his insight with you and hope you enjoy learning from an experienced homebuilder in the North Carolina market. If you have any additional questions for Jim, please type them in the comment section below. We would love to hear any comments or thoughts you may have.

Q: Why did you get in the building industry?

A: While I was in college at Yale University, I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity through a student volunteer program. I loved building so much that I became a regular volunteer. I even joked that my major should have been in Habitat for Humanity. After I graduated from Yale, I wanted to start my own business and thought building would be an interesting industry to go into. So I started my own homebuilding company.

Q: Tell us about the style of homes you build.

A: Garman Homes approaches homebuilding differently. We look at each house as a canvas ' an opportunity to style the home as a reflection of the people living in it. We build craftsman homes, from large homes to small niche homes. We offer three brands for customers to choose from: Garman Homes, Black & White by Garman Homes and Fresh Paint.

In the traditional style of building a personalized home, the Garman Homes brand allows the homebuyer to make selections for nearly every aspect of the house. A new and innovative approach to designing and building a home, Fresh Paint, introduced two years ago, offers homebuyers several curated whole home packages, all for less money while streamlining the home buying process. These packages are put together by the design team at Garman Homes for homebuyers who want the beauty of a custom designed home with easy choices and affordable price tag. Black & White by Garman Homes builds a very limited, concierge level custom homes, based on what the homebuyer likes. Garman Homes will design and deliver a custom home featuring what the homebuyer has described, stress free.

Q: How is the market in your area?

A: The market is strong. It's been steadily increasing over the last four or five years. There are a lot of people buying homes right now.

Q: What challenges do you see in the building industry?

A: The biggest challenge facing the building industry right now is labor shortage. To help address this issue, our local HBA is facilitating training programs.

Q: What current opportunities are available in the industry?

A: We think the home buying experience should be more simple and joyful. Here at Garman Homes, we look for ways of making it easier. We allow the homebuyer to custom choose every aspect of the house.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: We look for inspiration outside of the industry. We look to companies such as Apple and Starbucks to see how they take complex ideas and make them simple.

Q: How has the style of homes you have built evolved?

A: A house needs to reflect what you need from the space. So we ask how your home can best serve you when you walk in the door. We design a home to best meet those needs.

Q: How long have you used fiber cement siding on your homes?

A: We've been using fiber cement siding since 2007. We started using Nichiha products in 2010. We're huge fans of fiber cement siding products.

Q: What features do you like most when using fiber cement?

A: Because of the environment we live in, using real cedar shakes on our homes is not an option. Fiber cement is a great alternative because of its durability and it is virtually maintenance-free.

Q: Any additional information to add?

A: What sets Garman Homes apart from other companies is that we care about the home we build for the homebuyer. There are builders all over the place that just build houses. We are proud of the houses we build, because they're beautiful.

We are so thankful to Jim for taking the time to share his insights with us. To learn more about Jim and Garman Homes, check out our recent blog post that highlights the company as Nichiha's Builder of the Quarter.

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