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Q&A with Beverly

Q: Why did you decide to update your home with a modern design?

A: Having grown up in the South I was exposed to traditional home styles. I was introduced to modern art through my husband who began collecting contemporary works in his early 20s. Together, we continued to be drawn to bold art which makes a statement without need of an ornate frame or presentation. We updated the house to follow that same philosophy-allowing the house to speak without added features such as shutters and columns. The house and the setting complement one another without distraction. 

Q: What does modern design mean to you?

A: To me, modern design embodies a design that becomes one with the environment, allowing natural light to permeate the space. It includes clean, simple lines which provide a "no pretense" vibe. 

Q: What features of your home most embody modern design?

A: An expanse of windows and sliding doors throughout the house. Little to no wall molding. An open foyer leading to the living room/dining room/ kitchen space, with soaring ceilings. Cable railing on stairs and decks, both inside and out, add to the clean lines of the house. A two-sided fire ribbon replaces the traditional fireplace and provides a view line from one room to another. 

Q: How does your modern home stand out within your neighborhood?

A: Atlanta is known for its 5, 4 & a door, traditional home. Our home began as one of the few contemporary homes in the neighborhood. It started with a flat roof, but was remodeled to become a show-stopping, one-of-a-kind modern home with a curved roof and beautiful composite solution in Nichiha. Now we have cars stopping to take pictures and people even coming to our door to learn more about the product. 

Q: Describe what it was like working with the builder/architect during the home design process. How did they translate your vision into a reality

A: Many architects when they think modern are working with the Bauhaus or boxy design. We specifically wanted to soften the home with curves in the roof, windows, and hardscape. After viewing many of the architect's designs we finally took a pen & drew a curved roof which solidified for the architect what we desired!

Q: How does your exterior siding highlight the modern design of your home?

A: We chose ArchitecturalBlock because of the size of the panels and the neutral color palette. Our house went from a dark, mildewed cedar shake home with a mansard roof to a sleek, no-maintenance exterior. No longer do we need to worry about insect damage to the cedar or paint that needs to be updated. 

Q: What would you tell another homeowner to consider when designing modern?

A: Modern design can take on many forms. Explore various examples of design through modern home books and then identify/visit homes in the area that embody that design. Keep in mind that “less is more” and know what features you want to highlight.

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