Modern Healthcare Facilities - A Key Player in Physician Recruiting
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Modern Healthcare Facilities - A Key Player in Physician Recruiting

The healthcare landscape can be quite challenging to navigate as things are constantly evolving. To make matters worse, there is currently a physician shortage that is impacting many healthcare facilities across the nation. Healthcare administrators are using many different tactics to attract physicians to their facilities including promoting newer, modern facilities. Hospitals and facilities that offer modern designs can stand out in a very competitive market.

The current physician shortage leaves many administrators fighting to recruit talent from a small pool. The specialty experiencing the highest shortage is primary care, however there can be shortages found across all specialties. Donna Goddard, Director of Locums Physician Recruiting for Pinnacle Locum Tenens, describes how the shortage impacts the healthcare system saying, 'Clearly the shortage impacts the healthcare system by putting more pressure on both internal hospital recruiters and outside physician recruiters to make their facility as appealing as possible. More doctors are retiring and doctors who are in training end up staying in training longer and getting more specific training to make themselves even more marketable. This leaves a gap of traditional Primary Care providers, Hospitalists and ER physicians that is difficult to overcome.'

The competition for doctors is fierce and administrators have to find ways to be creative in making their jobs look more desirable over other facilities. Goddard sheds light on the competition saying, 'The current healthcare recruiting market is extremely competitive. Twenty years ago, you may have only been given searches for locations that were off the beaten path ' difficult to sell because the locations were rough. But because of the changes in healthcare today, even healthcare systems in major cities are now reaching out to recruitment firms. Healthcare systems are doing all they can to attract candidates.'

One main area that healthcare administrators are focusing on when recruiting physicians is the facility itself. They want to be able to offer a facility that stands out against the other facilities that are working to recruit the same physicians. Newer facilities are being built across the nation to deal with an aging baby boomer population and older facilities are being renovated to keep up with the competition. Healthcare buildings are taking measures to provide modern exterior finishes as well as cutting-edge interior elements.

Craig Fowler, Senior Vice President for Recruiting at Pinnacle Health Group, discusses healthcare building amenities saying, 'Healthcare administrators are using many facility features to attract physicians including designing centers of excellence, incorporating state-of-the-art technology, updating patient rooms with a hotel feel, and modernizing lobby areas with a spa-like feel.' All of the items are used to draw physicians into potential opportunities.

Goddard discusses the importance of modern healthcare facilities to recruiting explaining, 'It's an initial selling point. When you describe a position to a doctor, it's easier when you can tell them that this is a brand new or newly remodeled facility. It piques their interest to hear more. It may be in a terrible location, but to be able to say this is a beautiful facility with the state-of-the-art equipment, it's going to at least keep them listening.'

Updated facilities can definitely play a part in allowing administrators to attract and retain physicians. As Fowler puts it, 'A newer facility may not be the main reason a physician takes a job, but an outdated building may be a reason a physician turns down a job.'

What building trends are you seeing being incorporated into healthcare facilities? Let us know in the comment section below! Nichiha is excited to see many of our modern cladding materials being incorporated into healthcare facilities across the nation and we can't wait to continue watching as new trends emerge.

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