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Is Fiber Cement Board and Batten Siding Right for You?

Fiber cement board and batten siding is an excellent way to beautify a home’s exterior with a material that is built to last. Blending classic design with cutting-edge innovation, cement board and batten is a fantastic fit for homeowners who value performance and aesthetics.

Is fiber cement board and batten siding right for your home? This article highlights the key elements that make fiber cement board and batten a practical choice. Discover the advantages of building with fiber cement and determine if this high-performance material is the right siding selection for your home.

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Board and batten is a classic look that originated with wood beams arranged in a vertical layout. Thinner sections of paneling, called battens, accentuate the linear design and create fantastic visual texture, depth and shadow lines for the home’s exterior. Though originally built with wood beams, modern board and batten siding is now fabricated in more durable materials, like fiber cement, to provide better protection that lasts longer and is easier to install.

This style has been around for ages, but recently it has made a huge resurgence in modern home designs. Popular from coast to coast, the iconic style can now be achieved with more durable materials that provide the look of wood but with much better performance.

Battling With Board and Batten Made From Wood

This porch has wood flooring with a tan rug in the middle. There are blue chairs and a blue bench for seating. There are various plants on the porch, and four windows show the inside of the house.

Source: Saussy Burbank

Though it was traditionally made with wood beams, there are plenty of reasons to look for an alternative material when it comes to board and batten siding. Any homeowner who has ever worked with wood knows that it can be a pain to maintain and repair.

Wood siding is frequently seen chipping, flaking and fading from exposure to the elements. Even seasonal rainfall can cause water damage, which can lead to soggy, rotten boards that develop the perfect surface conditions to support mold growth. Flammability is another major threat when outfitting a home with wood siding. Untreated wood usually requires heavy chemical applications to boost its resistance to fire — and even then, it’s still quite flammable.

Whether it’s a splintered, flaky surface or an entire section of board and batten that has been compromised by fire or insect damage, maintaining wood board and batten is an ongoing job that never ends. When homeowners aren’t bogged down by full-blown repairs, they are busy keeping up with seasonal staining, caulking and painting, which is often necessary because of wood’s natural susceptibility to weather damage.

Upkeep for wood board and batten is not just an annoyance — it’s a drain on time, money and energy for many homeowners. Investing in a more durable siding material, like board and batten fiber cement siding, is a smart choice to avoid the maintenance of real wood.

Get Up Close And Personal

Want to see a color up close or feel the texture in person? Order as many complimentary finishes as you need to find the perfect option for your project.

A Better Solution: Fiber Cement Board and Batten

A large white house is elevated on risers. There are white steps leading up to a porch and the front door. Various plants are surrounding the front.

Fiber cement board and batten is a practical way to get more durable siding without compromising the classic look of board and batten design. Fiber cement is crafted using a unique composition of cement, sand, water and cellulose fibers. This precise blend yields a durable, heavy-duty product that is weather-resistant and low-maintenance.

Compared with natural wood siding, fiber cement board and batten siding is simply the smarter choice. It’s fire-resistant, moisture-resistant and fade-resistant — all of which cuts down on the amount of wear and tear that it shows! Designed to be incredibly low-maintenance, fiber cement board and batten siding continues to maintain its appearance year after year, so homeowners don’t have to worry about shabby siding stealing their weekends.

It reflects all the beautiful qualities of real wood siding, including authentic-looking wood grain patterning and colors. This allows homeowners to get the traditional look of board and batten with all the reinforcements of an innovative, high-performance material.

NichiPanel Delivers Modern Material With Superior Results

Homeowners looking for a reliable fiber cement board and batten provider will want to check out Nichiha, as we specialize in high-performance siding. NichiPanel is a durable, economical choice for fiber cement board and batten. Resistant to warping, rotting and damage from pests, NichiPanel provides long-lasting protection for the home.

NichiPanel has lots of wood-look board and batten siding styles and colors for homeowners to choose from. Cedar, groove, smooth and stucco textures are available, giving homeowners a wealth of design opportunities to create the home of their dreams. Plus, three different panel sizes are available, making installation a much easier task to plan for and accomplish.  

Fiber cement board and batten is durable, stylish and low-maintenance, making it a much smarter choice than natural wood. Learn more today and explore all the different fiber cement board and batten options available for your next siding project.

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