Illumination Lights Up Lansing
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Illumination Lights Up Lansing

When bold color makes a statement, heads are guaranteed to turn. Studio [intrigue] Architects decided to make that statement on the exterior of the Marketplace Lofts. They wanted to not only catch the eye of people passing by, but also portray the type of lifestyle that the building would offer residents. Nestled across the street from the home of the Lansing Lugnuts baseball team, the vibrant housing complex also offers a vibrant lifestyle that includes easy access to games. Residents can access the live-work-play lifestyle while enjoying the high-end amenities and modern feel that the building offers.

Architects chose Nichiha Illumination panels to bring life to the exterior and used a wide range of bold colors. They also carried the design throughout the inside with dynamic color patterns flowing from the hallways to the loft interiors. The project makes a bold statement with eye-catching curb appeal that stands out to potential residents.

Jason Mudget of Integrity Interiors, installer for Marketplace Lofts, discussed the use of the Illumination panels saying, 'In my opinion, Nichiha Illumination was the right choice for this project because of its aesthetics and its rainscreen properties. This product is very clean, yet interesting to look at with the color palette that was used. The rainscreen properties work very good as well.'

The Marketplace Lofts light up the Lansing skyline. Situated on the riverfront just blocks from Michigan's historic capitol, residents are steps away from an urban city market, entertainment venues, restaurants, and as previously mentioned, minor league baseball. Mudget describes the exterior color choices saying, 'The lofts sit in the heart of Lansing, therefore, I believe that color choice was critical to this project. This building sits right on the river and stands out, almost as if it were a piece of art.'

Mudget's team was able to quickly learn to install the Illumination panels. He discussed the process saying, 'As far as the installation goes, there was a slight learning curve when installing Illumination, but after a couple days the install began to flow very well and the crew enjoyed working with this product.'

The Lansing Marketplace Lofts continue to be a hot spot for local residents, standing out against the lively downtown atmosphere. Would you dare to live in the bold and vibrant Marketplace Lofts? Tell us your thoughts on the building's design below. Let us know your favorite color that Studio [intrigue] Architects incorporated into the design. There are some beautifully vibrant colors to choose from!

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