Hospitality Environments Evolve to fit Needs of Modern Travelers
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Hospitality Environments Evolve to fit Needs of Modern Travelers

Have you noticed that new hotels are feeling a little more luxurious and high-end these days? That's because hospitality architects and designers are working hard to reshape hotel design as consumer demand is calling for modern features and an inviting environment. New hotels are popping up across the country and older hotels are being renovated to obtain the fresh feel that hotel guests are seeking. There are many design trends emerging within hotels and this post will explore the latest and greatest in the world of hospitality design!

Hotel brands are seeking to please their guests with new construction that is both modern and functional. As Nichiha Hospitality Manager Chris Tate says, "Major hotel brands are currently building new properties with modern designs to replace the 30-year-old inventory that currently exists. New construction is at an all-time high. According to Welsh and Colliers, there are 2,295 hotel projects under construction in the United States. Hotels are designing for younger, more upscale travelers."

Hospitality environments are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to design. Most buildings are starting with modern materials on the exterior and working their way inside with fresh and intriguing interior features. Tate explains a current trend with hotel exterior cladding saying, "Multiple materials are being used to create clean, modern exterior appearances." This variety on the exterior allows hotels to provide a fresh and trendy image before guests even walk through the door.

Choosing an exterior cladding product is an important aspect for the overall hotel design. Architects must keep in mind that the exterior is helping set the image for the hotel brand. Tate explains this saying, "The exterior cladding choice reflects the brand design and welcomes the business and leisure traveler into their hotel experience that will hopefully result in repeat travel trends and hospitality loyalty."

Once entering into the hotel, a guest's modern experience continues with new trends emerging for how architects and designers are creating interior spaces. From redefining lobbies to modernizing other common spaces and guest rooms, hotels are taking contemporary design to the next level. In the AD&V article '11 Innovative Hotel Design Trends to watch for in 2017,' the author discusses the lobby evolution and how hotels are completely rethinking the way lobbies function.

Lobbies are moving away from a business feel and turning into living room spaces that are inviting and cozy.

Another feature that hotels are often incorporating is carrying the exterior cladding materials into the interior of hotels, helping to create a cohesive design from the outside in. Tate explains this saying, "Exterior materials are being used from the outside to the inside, blending the welcoming entry areas into the interior lobby and also in the comfort community areas throughout the hotel property."

The AD&V article goes on to discuss other hotel interior design features including the use of more indoor-outdoor spaces. Architects are creating hotel environments that easily flow from the inside into the outside landscape with open doorways and large windows. In addition to using exterior cladding inside, they are also bringing other elements typically found outside into the interior design. This includes indoor gardens, waterfall features, rustic wood furniture, and flower walls.

Hospitality architects and designers will continue working hard to bring a fresh face to the industry. As Tate puts it, "Architects are continuously challenged to create inviting hospitality spaces in the competitive travel industry. Architects have three groups that they are trying to please as they create their design: the owner/developer, the hotel operator and the general public. They must balance desires from each group to create a successful design."

Nichiha can't wait to see what other trends emerge from hospitality projects across the nation. We are also excited to see how brands continue to use our Architectural Wall Panels to bring modern hotel designs to life. What design trends are you currently loving or hating in the hospitality industry? Are you currently incorporating similar aspects into your designs? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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