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Get the Perfect Shade with Commercial Custom Color Cladding

For architects and exterior designers, the perfect color is key. Sometimes you’re matching a brand color while other times you’re coordinating your project with the surrounding area. Regardless, finding the exact color you need can be challenging. Combine that with the fact that your color needs to stay true AND your cladding needs to hold up in a variety of harsh weather conditions? 

Now that’s a tall order. 

Savvy architects have found that installing Nichiha custom color cladding fits the bill for their commercial clients. David Haaland with UrbanWorks Architecture has nearly two decades of experience in the building industry and during that time, he’s used custom-color cladding to give his projects their own unique look and feel (and high-performing protection).

Here’s how David and other successful architects have navigated the process for finding premium, specifically-hued materials for their commercial exterior designs.

Planning Out Your Project’s Vision

Some projects require unmatched style and sustainable solutions, but experienced architects know to handle high expectations: by planning ahead with the most reliable materials. 

The team at UrbanWorks was charged with creating an “distinctive architectural design” for the commercial project at 316 West Lake Street in the Uptown region of Minneapolis. The vision was a three-story mixed-use space, with inviting street-facing retail properties to help spark business in the area. The Uptown area has undergone development in the last few years, as part of the Minneapolis 2040 future land use project. 

The stakes are high for architects on this type of project: Find a design that will stand out and attract business to the area, while staying within budget and meeting updated building and zoning requirements. Knowing which materials to use gave architect David Haaland a bit of leverage, and he was able to find a cladding solution for the commercial project and a design that worked for the client. 

He’s selected Nichiha’s Illumination panels on several of their projects as a solution for weather-resilient, fire-resistant and code-approved commercial cladding. “It’s cheaper than brick, and it’s kind of an in-between product that’s both acceptable and meets zoning requirements. It’s like Goldilocks ... it’s just right,” explains David. 

Standing Out (Without Overdoing It)

Architects across the globe have used Nichiha’s fiber cement cladding in all types of projects, from retail spaces to residential properties alike. 

Many architects love the dozens of finishes that fiber cement comes in. Whether you need a warm wood finish for your multi-residential space or colorful hues to attract retail customers, fiber cement offers solutions. “The Illumination series is our go-to, because of the color options and because we like the metal panel look that’s offered,” explains David. 

Commercial Custom Color Cladding 1


Giving your building an impactful and timeless exterior is possible because Nichiha offers color technology to support any visual brand requirements your client might have. If they want a colorful and brand-forward exterior, you’ll be able to give them options.

Commercial Custom Color Cladding 2Or maybe your client is worried about being too loud with color — but doesn’t want a dull exterior either. Bold and bright fiber cement panels from Nichiha add interest to the otherwise neutral canvas on this building so you get color without overdoing it. And because it’s fiber cement, building managers can rest easy knowing the products offer style and protection, without requiring a ton of maintenance over the long run. 

Experimenting With Exteriors: Using Texture With Color 

Custom-color cladding adds intrigue and impact to commercial exteriors, and combining color with textures can give your building even more personality.

Commercial Custom Color Cladding 3

These fiber cement panels from Nichiha come with a sleek metallic finish, embellishing the commercial design with a modern feel. 

The panels install just like the rest of Nichiha’s fiber cement panels to make construction smoother on teams. Fiber cement also gives buildings a fire-resistant, weather-resilient exterior, so you can be confident in your design’s integrity over time.

Custom Color Cladding for Strong Brands

The Illumination Series from Nichiha is featured on commercial and multifamily spaces around the world and gives designers everywhere unlimited options for custom color cladding. 

Sometimes your client wants their brand to make a serious visual impact. Nichiha comes in endless colors and finishes, so architects can find solutions for clients no matter what their style requirements might be. 

Commercial Custom Color Cladding 4

If you need to send a strong message with your brand, sometimes color speaks volumes: using Nichiha allowed this architect to clad the exterior with a variety of red-hued and metallic panels to create optimal design impact. 

Add More Life To Your Exterior

Nichiha’s fiber cement cladding offers architects and designers a solution for high-performing and highly stylish exteriors. 

“We always want something new,” says David with UrbanWorks. By choosing custom color cladding from Nichiha, architects are able to create novel designs for all of their clients. 

When your project calls for an exterior that will stand out, the Illumination series delivers just that. See how Nichiha has helped to elevate these other commercial exteriors or speak with a regional rep today.

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