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Differentiation and Durability in Commercial Exteriors

One of the biggest challenges when designing your commercial building is differentiation — but not just differentiation for differentiation’s sake. How can you turn your buildings into destinations, build your own brand and reputation, and be sure the projects you’re a part of do their part to grow the community in a sustainable and healthy way?

You may have seen commercial projects that have set themselves apart, but how have they held up against time? A unique design means nothing if it’s falling apart within a few years. If you need a long-term solution for style you should choose a commercial building cladding product that you can trust.

Cutting Costs in Construction

One of the overall challenges the commercial building industry faces is looking unique — especially as constantly evolving restrictions made on new construction can keep design creativity a little limited. 

“The reason our cities are filled with so much of the same kind of building is because it’s the cheapest way to build an apartment,” according to Patrick Sisson with Curbed. There are countless commercial structures built every day, but many of them have been built to sell with little regard for the style or longevity of the finishes: The bottom line always comes first. 

This cookie-cutter method might save time on construction and funds upfront, but working with low-quality materials leaves building owners responsible for excess maintenance, headaches and unexpected costs over time

cutting costs in construction


Design versatility has become constrained for a few reasons. And this “wave of sameness” is especially prevalent in larger cities where construction has exponentially increased in the last decade. 

“Nearly every city, from Charlotte to Minneapolis, has seen a proliferation of homogenous apartments as construction has increased again in the wake of the financial recession,” according to Patrick Sisson with Curbed.

Some industry research indicates that we might see a continued draw to city living (and working), though. This is especially true with younger generations of employees and with more people shifting to a work-from-home situation because of the pandemic. 

According to Jennifer Liu with CNBC, “mid-size and rising cities could get a boost from residents seeking a lower cost of living, more space to work from home and access to a typical city’s cultural offerings once widespread social-distancing restrictions lift.”

In other words, multifamily and other commercial projects aren’t going away anytime soon. To ensure those designs don’t all look the same, the construction industry needs commercial cladding that provides a durable exterior and a style that stands out. 

Bringing Designs to Life

Despite what the current trend of “blah” design may suggest, commercial architects do have options to make an impact with their building design. For instance, fiber cement cladding provides several solutions that enable architects and designers to get both a distinctive design that comes with durability and weather resistance. So your design will last for decades to come.

bringing designs to life For more than two decades, fiber cement has been chosen as an affordable, sustainable, and durable lap siding for residential construction,” according to Carolina Albano for Construction Specifier

But fiber cement isn’t just for residential homes. Commercial architects have begun to take note of the highly versatile exterior cladding material. “More recently, the product—in the form of architectural wall panels—is becoming a popular choice on the commercial side, largely because of the ease and comparatively low cost with which manufacturers can fabricate it to mimic wood, stone, brick, metal, and concrete,” writes Carolina. 

Nichiha fiber cement panels give commercial exteriors a code-compliant, highly versatile solution for exterior designs, and it’s easy to see why these Architectural Wall Panels are specified on both stylish homes and commercial exteriors all over the world. 

commercial exteriors

Solutions for More Inspired Commercial Design

From the look of modern glass to traditional stone masonry, the choices for fiber cement design are almost endless. 

inspired commercial design solutions

Nichiha’s fiber cement cladding gives architects and designers the perfect balance of durability and luxury. And if you’re looking for LEED accreditation, Nichiha’s Architectural Wall Panels can help to achieve those credits for your project. From sustainability to style, Nichiha makes great commercial design possible. 

It also offers a few benefits to commercial building owners. Building owners often choose fiber cement for their exteriors because it offers reliable protection to their exterior, along with low maintenance over the years. Nichiha fiber cement products only need a light wash with soap and water to keep the exterior looking new. 

Building owners can also trust that their investment is protected with fiber cement, even in severe weather climates. Nichiha panels are tested to meet weather and fire safety standards in all types of climates around the globe

Nichiha panels

Say “No More” to Bland Designs 

Everyone is tired of the same old “blah” commercial building style. Thankfully, there is a cladding material that is stylish, reliable and easily within your reach. 

Fiber cement has been a trend in commercial projects for decades because it offers impact to your exterior, and multiple solutions for building owners, installers and architects alike.

Give your commercial design the look and protection it deserves. Check out a few of Nichiha’s solutions for more inspiration. 

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