Case Study Point Casino and Hotel

Case Study

Point Casino and Hotel

As a premier casino in Washington State, The Point Casino wanted to offer its guests an additional amenity when visiting – a place to stay and relax. However, when it came to building a new hotel on the property, the owners were confronted with one specific problem: finding an attractive yet durable siding material that reflected the Pacific Northwest’s landscape. This predicament led the owners to contact Rob Jurbergs, AIA, lead designer, HBG Design, Memphis, Tennessee.

Jurbergs believed the new property would look outstanding with a cedar-wood exterior siding, but knew natural wood wouldn’t survive long-term. He said, “There are other buildings in the area that chose to do real cedar siding. When we visited them, we were put off by the fact that the boards had greyed and streaked. It’s a very rainy and moist climate. Even when we saw the natural wood examples that weren’t very old, we knew that we needed to bring something else to the table for the client.”

To find an appropriate solution, Jurbergs consulted with John Ashworth, project manager, Korsmo Construction, Tacoma, Washington. Ashworth said, “The owners were looking for a long-term, low-maintenance product. They wanted something that was economically feasible but not necessarily too inexpensive.” Together, Jurbergs and Ashworth knew architectural wall panels from Nichiha would be the best solution for the property. Ashworth added, “Based on aesthetic and durability, Nichiha products hit both requirements for the client.”

Upon selecting the siding, Jurbergs suggested the Wood Series’ VintageWood and the Designer Series’ Illumination panels to the owners. Ashworth said, “When [John] brought the palette of selections to the table, they selected what was a good fit for the location and environment. They liked the colors and patterns from Nichiha, and they loved how they could choose what they wanted for a great price.”

With the owners’ agreement to use Nichiha panels, installation began and proceeded smoothly. Ashworth said, “It was a better project based on delivery and procedure. It’s not a really quick process, but it is methodical and has to be done properly. In the end, it was a great product to install, and I was impressed with the overall look. It also seemed to me that it was also a better product to install than other brands.”

Jurbergs added, “When it was under construction, we got a lot of great feedback from the owners. With the Nichiha AWP- 3030 series panels and the installation system, it made the installation easier and cleaner. We were able to alternate the colors, cedar and tobacco, on the façade. The owners liked the wood’s character and believability.”

Since project completion, it has been a positive experience for the owners. Ashworth said, “The owners liked the final product so well that they incorporated it into some changes they made at the entry of the casino. They took off the existing exterior siding and replaced it with Nichiha panels.”

In addition, Jurbergs said he would continue to offer Nichiha products: “At the end of the day, I wouldn’t have done anything differently because I love that WoodSeries panel. We all love the finished project and feature it prominently on our website. It captures the hotel’s culture and region. I’m very interested in the Nichiha line to use on other projects. On my next hotel opportunity, I would probably look at using other textures and smooth panels.”

Point Hotel has a coastal modern design customized to blend into Washington State’s woodland landscape. Now, with Nichiha’s architectural wall panels, the hotel reflects a traditional cedar look but is able to endure any climate. Jurbergs said, “We wanted the cedar look and we wanted to represent the idea of an all-cedar construction. We were thrilled to find this panel. With the variety of character and graining in the board, we knew it was the right choice.”

“At the end of the day, I wouldn’t have done anything differently because I love that WoodSeries panel. We all love the finished project and feature it prominently on our website. It captures the hotel’s culture and region.”
Rob Jurbergs AIA, lead designer, HBG Design
The Challenge

HBG Design needed to find a wood-siding product that would allow The Point Casino’s new hotel to blend in with the tribal atmosphere but also withstand Washington State’s fluctuating weather.

The Solution

HBG Design collaborated with Korsmo Construction, who was familiar with fiber-cement products – and it was a decision that paid off quickly. Together, these two companies selected architectural wall panels from Nichiha.

The Results

With VintageWood and Illumination panels, the Point Casino’s new hotel not only reflects the local aesthetic but also stands out with a cedar-like façade. This new hotel is also durable and reliable, offering the owners a building that will subsist with minimal deterioration.

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