Nichiha Rainscreen Cladding Systems

The Benefits of Nichiha Rainscreen Cladding Systems



Low Maintenance

Increased Property Value

Enhanced Acoustic Performance

Easy To Install

Tested to AAMA 509-9 Standards

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What is a Rainscreen Cladding System?
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How does a Rainscreen Wall Construction differ from Traditional Wall Construction?

Traditional wall construction attempts to eliminate moisture intrusion into a building through the use of sealants and/or gaskets at all cladding joints.

While this is an ideal goal, it’s a flawed strategy. If seals are not installed perfectly and rigorously maintained, in time, moisture will penetrate behind the wall cladding. Once trapped inside the wall, with no means of draining or drying, this moisture wreaks havoc by corroding fiberglass insulation, gypsum boards, and framing and creating ideal conditions for mold growth.

Instead, rainscreen wall construction accepts the reality that, despite our best efforts, moisture will eventually find its way behind cladding and that, when it does, a means to drain and dry this moisture quickly and effectively must be provided.

Rainscreen Wall System Components
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AWP panels are available in various water, pest, and rot-resistant materials, as well as an array of thicknesses, to ensure that your rainscreen system stands the test of time.

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The air cavity in the rainscreen system creates an additional, external insulation layer, keeping buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter through a natural convection process that maintains internal temperatures.

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The Nichiha rainscreen system increases drainage and drying potential to remove water from the wall assembly and mitigate material degradation and promote healthier inside air quality for building occupants.

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Low Maintenance

The system requires virtually no maintenance or upkeep after installation. No sealants or gaskets to maintain. All that’s required is an occasional washing.

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Increased Property Value

The enhanced energy efficiency, sound insulation, and durability of rainscreen outfitted façades add value to commercial and residential properties.

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Enhanced Acoustic Performance

Like any insulation, rainscreen systems provide additional sound insulation through their sound absorption capabilities.

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Easy To Install

Our hidden clip installation system allows for fast, easy wall assembly in any season and any climate.

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Tested To AAMA 509-9 Standards

Nichiha rainscreen systems are certified to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s stringent 509-9 standards, which tests the system’s ability to allow for ventilation and drying.

Looking for more information?

For more details and answers to any questions about using the AWP rainscreen system for your next project, please contact us today.

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