#Trending: 5 Commercial Design Trends to Watch in 2017
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#Trending: 5 Commercial Design Trends to Watch in 2017

What commercial design trends are you expecting to see in 2017? I was curious about what industry leaders are predicting and decided to do some digging into the trends that are sure to appear in the coming year. Trends not only help designers define a period of time, but also create the wow factor that people notice. Check out 5 commercial design items you can expect to see #trending in the coming year.

1) One with Nature

More commercial designers are starting to focus on incorporating nature into the design. It is not as much of an element they are adding in, but more creating designs that are one with natural elements and have a seamless flow from building to nature. As Alice Bradly writes in 4 design trends set to take off in 2017, designers are focusing on designs that live in harmony with nature and allow nature to be the co-designer on the project. This trend is even being incorporated in city landscapes where a larger focus has been placed on weaving building structures into the outside environment. Check out how Agora Garden being built in Taipei will use plants on each floor of the tower to absorb 130 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

2) Texture, Texture, Everywhere!

From exterior to interior elements, texture in making its presence known in the commercial realm. It is an element commercial designers are working to highlight within designs because it adds a layer of depth to the more sleek feel of contemporary aesthetics. From 3D textured ceilings to the rich feel of wood cladding exteriors, texture is everywhere. Find inspiration from some great examples of texture in Dunn-Edwards Paints’ report 2017 Design Trends: Commercial Architecture.

3) Less is More

When it comes to commercial design in 2017, a less is more approach is becoming the norm. Modern materials and sleek lines will continue to emerge as the leading aesthetic in the New Year. Designers will use glass windows and modern cladding materials to bring a clean feel to the exterior. They will also work to highlight a minimalist approach in the interior by focusing on elements that incorporate an industrial feel. The cool tones and simple lines of modern will reign king in the coming year for commercial spaces. Dunn-Edwards Paints’ report 2017 Design Trends: Commercial Architecture looks at this minimalist approach further.

4) Artistic Touches

In 2017, elements of commercial architecture will often add artistic interest to the overall design. These include structural pieces of the building as well as decorative items that give a high-end art vibe. As Sarah Rufca Nielsen writes in 6 to Watch: These Top Design Trends Will Be Hot in 2017, some ways to incorporate artwork into design include art-inspired wallpaper. The wallpaper serves as a mural and stand outs against more traditional wall coverings. The same idea can be used with different cladding materials to create a wall that looks more like a work of art and less like a wall.

5) Color Meets Creativity

Color has always played a role in commercial design trends every year and 2017 is no different. Designers are looking to incorporate bold primary pops throughout the interior of several projects. These pops help highlight different architectural features of the building as well as set the tone for the overall design. A great example of interior pops of color can be found within eFlex Systems Office, a fun project highlighted in Architect Magazine. Designers are also looking to incorporate a wide range of colorful cladding options on the exterior for an eye-catching result. Need inspiration for colorful exterior cladding options? Visit Nichiha’s gallery to check out many creative designs.

I can’t wait to see these commercial design trends come to life throughout 2017! What other trends do you think will be popping up in the New Year? I would love to hear your thoughts and what your design plans are for 2017. Feel free to let me know in the comments below. I hope your 2017 is filled with inspiring designs!

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