Tips for Marketing in a Digital Age in the Custom Homebuilding Industry
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Tips for Marketing in a Digital Age in the Custom Homebuilding Industry

It's 2016 and as you're well aware, everything has turned digital! With this in mind, it is important for custom homebuilders and residential architects to focus on reaching their customer base through digital platforms. While you may find yourself caught up in the building process, it is essential to continue growing your practice by filling up the pipeline with potential homeowners. According to a Business 2 Community article, total spending on digital ads will surpass spending on television ads for the first time in 2017 with digital ad spending growing to $77.4 billion. Are you joining in these efforts? If not, we encourage you to check out digital tips where you can make an impact in reaching your customers where they are.

1.) Focus on Customer Service

Your customers are online and they want you to be available online as well to answer their questions. It is important to have a plan in place to address homeowner questions and concerns online. Whether you create a custom response for everything asked of you online or have a more generic response that directs the person to your website or an employee within your office, it is important to address incoming requests on digital platforms. Your business may not be robust enough to have an exclusive digital customer service division like the Comcast Cares twitter team, but it is worth the investment to put some time into customer service online. The more you respond to homeowners' questions and concerns, the more likely you are to stand out against your peers. As the Forbes article How The Digital Age Has Changed Marketing Channels Forever explains, providing quality customer service can allow you to gain a leg up on the competition and build a positive online reputation.

2.) Personalize Your Message

The great thing about marketing on digital and social platforms is the opportunity to use more information when it comes to targeting potential customers. You can pick your audience based off the criteria you want to use and then craft a personalized message for this demographic. Since you are building custom homes, you may be interested in reaching a middle-aged demographic looking for their forever home instead of millennials right out of college who may just be looking to rent. Digital marketing enables you to find this group of people within a targeted location and then send them advertisements that are crafted to their wants and needs. It is important to use the information available to you to make the most out of your digital marketing efforts. One tip given in the article 5 Ways to Succeed With Digital Marketing in 2016, says that having personalized sales tools that are created for specific buyer personas and go along with the personalized digital content can help accelerate the sales cycle.

3.) Incorporate Videos

Videos are the way to go when it comes to digital marketing! Whether you are shooting a short informational video for Facebook or a more in-depth video to use on your website, videos are likely to gain the attention of potential customers. Videos offer lively content that the audience is able to digest quickly. With the move to mobile and the increasing use of social platforms, videos offer the perfect medium to reach homeowners. A great suggestion is to bring your customized building or designing process to life in the form of a short video. Walking a homeowner through your specific process can give them a look into what it will be like working with you before they even start the process.

4.) Create Engaging Content

It has become increasingly important to not only produce quality digital content, but to make the content is engaging as possible. Let's face it, people are inundated with content on a daily basis, but the more engaging the content is, the more likely people will remain interested. Be creative when generating content and strive to do new things that your competitors aren't thinking about. Ask questions, encourage discussion, and make the user experience fun. A great idea is to set up a quiz for your potential homeowners and help them discover their design persona. This will give them the opportunity to interact with your content while also allowing them to gain insight that could help them during the building process.

5.) Look to Mobile

As the Business 2 Community article states, mobile marketing counts for 63.4% of total digital ad spending in the U.S. The reason why is because mobile use is exploding with the vast majority of Americans owing a smart phone. Google is giving better SEO rankings to business websites based on if they are mobile friendly. The time has come to turn to mobile efforts as an effective way to reach a variety of homeowners. The first step to bringing mobile marketing to your overall marketing strategy is ensuring your website is mobile friendly with either a responsive or mobile design. After you accomplish this, you can expand mobile marketing efforts through a variety of tactics and start producing content made for mobile use.

Focusing on these 5 areas will help make a digital impact with your customer base. Are you already incorporating digital marketing efforts into your current business plan? Share with us what is working for you! We would love to hear any thoughts or questions you may have in the comments section below.

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