The Most Durable House Siding Options in 2024
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The Most Durable House Siding Options in 2024

Wood has timeless appeal and is classically one of the most popular siding materials for projects large and small. It has tremendous curb appeal and can be applied to many home design styles – from a standard single-family home found in suburbs across the country to custom-built, high-end luxury homes.

Though wood is beloved by builders and homeowners, it carries a host of shortcomings, particularly when used as exterior house siding. How might today’s discerning home buyer and builder achieve a warm and modern home look with minimal maintenance and maximum durability? That is when it is worthwhile to lean on the fiber cement cladding versatility.

Highly malleable and impressionable fiber cement is a top choice for durable house siding solutions. Whether it is for a barn home, beach home, farmhouse, or a custom home build, fiber cement is an engineered wood siding choice that rises to the occasion. The material can provide beautiful wood looks that have higher performance, are low maintenance, and offer a long lifespan.

Fiber Cement Overcomes Traditional Wood Siding Drawbacks

Make no mistake: Wood siding delivers a gorgeous look. But real wood requires significant, continuous maintenance once installed. Without this care, wood can quickly degrade and even negatively impact a home’s aesthetic and value.

Wood is also costly. It has an expensive up-front price tag, and the ongoing maintenance may not be cheap, either. For homeowners, maintaining wood siding means that paint, stain, or varnish must be reapplied every few years.

The pitfalls do not stop there. Even in cases where regular upkeep occurs, wood continues to be vulnerable to moisture, weathering, rot, pests, and insects. Plus, it can discolor over time, too often turning grey from sun fade or black from moisture or mold.

A notable mark against real wood cladding is its flammability. This is particularly important as small and large wildfires become a growing concern of homeowners. In stark contrast to real wood, Nichiha’s lineup is a roster of fire-resistant siding options. The cladding products tout impressive fire resistance in addition to their lasting durability. In fact, both builders and homeowners can take solace in the fact that such products are fire-tested and certified, which are top selling points in a safety-conscious market.

For additional peace of mind, fiber cement cladding from Nichiha has high strength and impact resistance. It offers a high degree of customizability for aesthetic appeal and design options, and resists moisture, mold and color fade. All of these details equate to one of the longest-lasting siding options.

Advantages of Fiber Cement Wood Siding

During manufacturing, fiber cement is highly impressionable and able to closely mimic the grain and feel of wood. Nichiha’s fiber cement products are even cleverly engineered with a built-in rainscreen that results in one of the most durable siding options, one that is beloved by homeowners and builders alike.

Once installed, even the trained eye might have trouble discerning real wood from products like VintageWood or RoughSawn. Attributes such as thickness, color, and texture are all similar to real wood. Panels can be used vertically or horizontally and configured in a variety of wood species like ash, cedar, redwood, spruce, or bark. All of these configurations are sure to turn heads.

A consistent look is a signature characteristic of Nichiha’s wood cladding options, which is a true benefit for planning purposes and ultimately bringing a design vision to fruition. And once installed, homeowners can enjoy years of stellar looks with little to no maintenance. Nichiha’s durable siding panels are long lasting, and the integrated rainscreen protects the home from moisture. The same simply cannot be said for wood, which will age and weather far more quickly.

Fiber cement is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of siding. Unlike wood cladding, Nichiha’s wood series installs easily thanks to its innovative hidden clip system. Already more affordable than wood, Nichiha panels can be installed without specialized labor, which helps builders and homeowners keep costs low. What results is a look that is as luxurious as it is durable, which benefits both curb appeal and home value alike. Taken together, fiber cement siding’s versatility, aesthetic appeal, and long-term durability makes it one of the best home siding options.

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The Most Durable House Siding Options in 2024

The Most Durable House Siding Options in 2024

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