An upward view of a five-story office building utilizing gray Nichiha fiber cement cladding in smooth and ribbed textures.
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The Best Way to Achieve a Ribbed Metal Siding Look with 7 Examples

Ribbed metal siding is often used to add dimension, depth and texture and can significantly impact exterior design. In addition to ribbed steel siding, there are other modern options that can help achieve this distinctive look.

Be sure to consider the design strategy that goes into the ribbed metal siding aesthetic while you explore seven unique examples of this attractive exterior style.

The Design Approach Behind Ribbed Metal Siding

First things first — what is ribbed metal siding really used for? If you’re not a natural designer, the thought of adding such a distinct texture to part of the building may be puzzling. The truth is that ribbed metal siding style works well for many exterior designs because it also functions as an accent element.

The indentations create intense shadow lines which ultimately affect the visual impression of the building when seen from afar. Shadow lines are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings alike, and different siding styles — like board and batten or Dutch lap — are designed to add varying degrees of shadow marks. Ribbed metal siding is on the more pronounced end of the spectrum, and the shadow lines are striking.

The exterior of an apartment building utilizing Nichiha Miraia and Ribbed fiber cement cladding.

In addition to the attractive shadow lines, the recessed style of ribbed metal siding adds texture and depth to the exterior design scheme. Painted ribbed metal siding can also add easy color contrast and instantly draw the eye to certain parts of the exterior. When painted in a softer color and used as a backdrop, ribbed siding can also be a fantastic accompaniment to commercial signage, as seen in some of the examples below. 

How to Get the Ribbed Siding Style

Traditional ribbed metal siding is crafted from steel or aluminum, but they aren’t the only options available in today’s market. 

Ribbed steel siding can be heavy and challenging to work with while ribbed aluminum siding can accrue dents and dings, depending on its thickness and quality.

The other option is ribbed siding crafted from fiber cement. Due to its durable composition and built-in rainscreen, fiber cement ribbed siding is recommended for its strength, durability and weather resistance. Plus, its color quality is incredible!

Take a look at seven examples of ribbed siding exteriors crafted from fiber cement:

1. Custom Color

The exterior of Dawes Fretzin Dermatology utilizing Nichiha Illumination and Rough Sawn fiber cement cladding.

This commercial building uses blue ribbed siding to reflect the distinct branding color palette of the company while also adding texture to the section that features the elevated signage. Custom color is available with fiber cement ribbed siding, which multiplies design possibilities, eliminates the need for additional painting and ultimately makes project completion easier.

2. Add Dimensionality

This Arby’s fast-food restaurant utilized Nichiha paneling. There are three signs hanging on the windows, one advertising their floats, one advertising that they’re hiring and the other advertising their health strategy.

Here, ribbed siding is used among various other textured siding options, including wood- and concrete-style paneling. This fits the multi-faceted approach of the exterior design and embraces the multi-dimensional style. Ribbed siding tends to mesh well with a variety of materials, which makes it a versatile exterior pick.

3. Striking Shadow Lines

The corner of a CVS pharmacy gray, ribbed fiber cement cladding on the perimeter and white cladding behind the red logo.

Deep recesses allow ribbed siding to provide striking shadow lines that enhance the building and add eye-catching detail. This building uses a darker shade of gray for the ribbed siding, which emphasizes the visual impact of the shadow lines even more.

4. Sophisticated Silhouette

An upward view of a five-story office building utilizing gray Nichiha fiber cement cladding in smooth and ribbed textures.

Simultaneously sophisticated and original, ribbed siding in a slate gray tone creates a striking aesthetic for this high-rise building. Notice how the ribbed paneling is alternated with smooth architectural panels to deliver a patterned appearance.

5. Contemporary Industrial Style

The exterior of PNC Bank utilizing orange and gray Nichiha fiber cement cladding.

Bold color is never out of the question for modern commercial designs. This bank pulls it off beautifully by featuring smooth orange panels in combination with sleek gray ribbed paneling installed just above the awning. With a classic ribbed metal siding look, this design choice looks classy and sharp.

6. Architectural Division

The exterior of Hub City Veterinary Clinic utilizing white and cedar Nichiha fiber cement cladding.

Another classic use of ribbed siding is to position it in a way that highlights natural breaks in the architecture. This commercial building leans into design division by changing both the color and texture of the two wings. Bold black trim and large windows help pull the neutral gray ribbed siding and wood-look surfaces together to create cohesive curb appeal with a modern aesthetic.

7. Landmark-Style Character

The exterior of an apartment complex utilizing blue, cedar and brick Nichiha fiber cement cladding.

The dramatic design capacity of ribbed siding and other fiber cement exterior options makes it easy to create a one-of-a-kind look that can become a landmark in the neighborhood. This building features beautiful blue ribbed siding and wood-style accents above a brick ground floor, to create a memorable and long lasting design.

Discover the Best Ribbed Metal Look Siding with Nichiha

There are many unforgettable designs that can be created using the ribbed metal siding style, and Nichiha’s Dimension Series Ribbed panels effortlessly deliver an eye-catching, hardwearing and resilient solution. 

Contact our team at Nichiha to explore our durable commercial siding options with longer-lasting colors to take your project to the next level.

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