The 8 Best Hotel Design Ideas for 2020
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The 8 Best Hotel Design Ideas for 2020

Hotel owners today are faced with high standards for the buildings they manage and maintain. Your guests want an experience, but you need solutions that balance stylish appeal with functionality. To find the best hotel cladding solution, many hospitality designers turn to Architectural Wall Panels by Nichiha. Nichiha's wall panel product line, made entirely of fiber-cement, helps to protect and enhance their hotel design. 

Below are a few of the most refreshing design ideas we’ve come across to help inspire your next project. 

1. Make an Impression With Multiple Textures

Nichiha-VintageWood-Bark-Canyon Brick-ShaleBrown-SandStone-Autumn

Mixing materials on hotel exterior designs creates a dynamic look your guests will notice. But using multiple types of exterior cladding can get pricey for hotel owners. That’s why fiber-cement is such a popular material for residential and commercial buildings today. It comes with plenty of options for styling your exterior. 

The Nichiha VintageWood series is a low-maintenance cladding that gives this hotel an updated, fresh face, and won’t require the maintenance that other building materials might. Wood, for instance, requires yearly upkeep and most exterior panels will need to be refinished at least every two years. 

With Nichiha fiber-cement architectural wall panels, periodic cleaning with water is all the maintenance needed. Plus, Nichiha comes with a 15-year Surface Warranty, so you don’t have to worry about damage to the surface of your panels. 

2. Luxury Design Without the Maintenance


Everyone loves the look of wood, but for hotel designs, a real wood exterior requires more maintenance than building owners might have time for. That’s why fiber-cement architectural wall panels have become such a popular choice for hotel exterior designs. 

Fiber-cement cladding from Nichiha offers hotel owners a full menu of finishes so that you can get any look you want without a labor-intensive installation process or excessive upkeep in the years that follow. 

This exterior design features VintageWood cladding from Nichiha in Cedar. Using both vertical and horizontal cladding placement gives the building a sleek, luxurious appearance, which would be a hassle to maintain with real wood panels. 

3. Inspire Delight in Your Hotel Exterior Design


Nothing can impress a guest like the bold use of color. This hotel features a friendly (and bright) orange hue, to help the exterior design truly pop. 

“In order to stay competitive and provide a stellar service above all else, it is essential for hotels to realize that their aim is not to be a part of guests' stay, but to be the destination itself,” explains Jennifer Luo for Hospitality Net. 

Give hotel guests something to remember by designing your exterior to be unforgettable. By featuring Nichiha’s Illumination cladding, this hotel exterior isn’t easily forgotten. Plus, Illumination architectural wall panels can be customized to any color, so you can be sure to get the exact hue you want to ensure your hotel matches your branding and style. 

4. Balancing Style With Performance


Fiber-cement is widely used because of its durability, but Nichiha’s cladding system also comes with a built-in rainscreen for highly effective moisture protection to help further protect the health of guests and the longevity of the facade. 

According to the Whole Building Design Guide, “Uncontrolled moisture may reduce the structural soundness of buildings through dry rot in wood, corrosion in steel, freeze-thaw cycles, spalling and efflorescence in masonry, among other damage mechanisms. Moisture also can affect the health of occupants, typically through the potential for breeding harmful organisms.” 

The Nichiha cladding featured here offers handsome exterior style and moisture protection to the building, even when storms and excessive rain are an issue.

5. The Strength of Brick and Mortar Without the Mess


Brick, stone and other masonry materials can be costly to install, and often delay construction projects because the process is weather-and-temperature-dependent. 

But these materials offer great exterior protection to commercial designs, so hotel owners need a viable alternative, especially in regions prone to hurricanes, fire or other natural disasters. Luckily, hoteliers have plenty of code-compliant, affordable exterior cladding options when they use fiber-cement. This hotel features a classic brick look using Nichiha’s PlymouthBrick cladding.

“Fiber-cement is just about the most fire and heat resistant siding option on the market,” according to professional builders at Quinn’s Construction. “Additionally, it is also rot, warp and crack resistant.” 

6. Give Guests More Options for Using Your Space


Today’s traveler wants more from their hotel experience, and the hospitality industry has found more ways to keep their guests coming back. 

“Now, hotels are reshaping the look, feel and appeal of their properties, using exterior and interior designs as one of their differentiating methods to create unique experiences,” writes Jennifer Luo for Hospitality Net

The hotel design above features an inviting outdoor patio area for guests to gather and connect, with the natural touch of wood giving the space a welcoming ambiance. The designer used architectural wall panels from Nichiha to help create the look. This VintageWood series features a selection of finishes to create any warm, welcoming, wood-inspired design you can think of — while conserving natural resources.

“Eco-consciousness, wellness, local and smart-room technologies are few of the most prevailing hotel design trends being implemented, at both independent hotel companies and chains,” Jennifer explains. Give your guests more options for rest and relaxation using eco-friendly building materials, and everyone benefits. 

7. Modern Style for the Modern Traveler

Hoteliers can also use architectural wall panels in interior design for a more contemporary finish in their projects. Featuring exterior cladding in interiors gives the design a fresh, bold look that creates cohesion between the exterior design and interior design — and it’s just as simple to install. 

The interior stairway design above features EmpireBlock cladding from Nichiha, for a clean, modern look. The open space and ample natural light add to the experience and help promote continuity for hotel guests. 

8. Make Design More Personal 


Giving guests options for comfort and luxury will make their stay that much more enjoyable. Hotel owners have to think of the details, and featuring intimate fireplace elements in bedroom suites are the perfect touch. 

The stone details here are actually architectural wall panels from Nichiha, a cost-effective solution for hoteliers who want to give guests an elegant (but affordable) experience. 

Exterior Solutions for Any Hotel Design

You don’t have to look far for impressive hotel design when it’s enhanced with fiber-cement. It offers some of the best hotel cladding solutions for hoteliers that need both unmatched style and unbeatable performance, and it has protected homes and commercial buildings across the globe for decades now. 

Hotel and commercial building owners everywhere choose fiber-cement wall panels as a solution for their designs because it offers plenty of options for style and serious exterior protection. Take a look at our extensive menu of fiber-cement products here.
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