A backyard behind a living room utilizing Nichiha’s RiftSawn cladding.
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Architectural Wall Panels Get Major Upgrade With Rustic RiftSawn

Traditional wood is a long-standing, timeless favorite for building exteriors with good reason. The warm, classic style of wood works with both traditional and modern designs. But when it comes to options for residential or commercial siding, traditional wood can often be a letdown when it comes to durability, maintenance requirements and moisture control.

Wood requires extensive (and frequent) maintenance to stay stylish as opposed to damaged. The upkeep can be costly over time. Wood is also especially vulnerable to water and temperature fluctuations. Professionals need exterior solutions they can count on for durability and longevity. 

That’s why our experts at Nichiha created RiftSawn — one of the newest offerings of our Architectural Wall Panel product line.

RiftSawn: A Versatile Cladding Option

A backyard behind a living room utilizing Nichiha’s RiftSawn cladding.

RiftSawn is one of the newest offerings in Nichiha’s Wood Series. It works for both commercial and residential applications and is available everywhere in the United States.

Capitalizing on the growth of warm wood tones used in both residential and commercial projects, RiftSawn brings a unique look to our most popular wood series.

All types of buildings, from multi-family complexes to single-family homes, need a functional and durable exterior, but that doesn't equate to boring. Residential and commercial cladding options should include welcoming, aesthetically pleasing elements like wood without the hassle. Here at Nichiha, we understood the demand and responded with RiftSawn.

RiftSawn panels deliver the beauty of natural wood, but with the same low maintenance and warranty promises as other products in our offerings. Because the RiftSawn panels are fiber cement, home and building owners can expect a weather-resilient, fire-resistant exterior without the upkeep associated with natural wood.

Adding the Right Details with RiftSawn

A close-up of Nichiha’s RiftSawn fiber cement cladding on a home with trees in the background.

RiftSawn panels will make any exterior design stand out, adding rustic style to any project. The panels offer drama to all designs with their darker edges, wood-grain details and intentional texture. They have the appearance of an open joint system with the performance of a closed joint system.

The subtlety of wood is also a great complement to other exterior design materials and textures. Glass, metal and concrete all pair nicely with wood details on your exterior.

“What makes RiftSawn unique is the opportunity to have the aesthetics of an open joint system combined with the superior performance of a closed joint system." says Jim. 
Hidden fasteners help with a smooth installation and offer a pristine, finished look. Any of the Wood Series panels can be installed horizontally or vertically, which makes RiftSawn a great solution for designs that call for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. It’s also a sustainable option, as Nichiha’s Architectural Wall panels are made of recycled materials.

Budget Blinds storefront utilizing Nichiha’s RiftSawn in pecan.

Benefits of Fiber Cement Cladding

The benefits of using RiftSawn panels extend well beyond style. RiftSawn, along with all other Nichiha fiber cement cladding products, offers four key benefits:

Long-Term Strength

Fiber cement cladding is highly popular in commercial design because it is extremely durable and able to withstand severe weather events such as hurricanes, hail and extreme rain. It’s not prone to warping or rot like wood exteriors can be and offers a fire-resistant exterior application if your local building code requires it. 

Unlike wood, fiber cement defends against pests, so there is no need to worry about termites eating away at your building. Pesky pests have become a thing of the past with the engineered strength of fiber cement. Our products also guarantee color stability. While wood will age and weather, RiftSawn panels will maintain their beauty for years to come.

Easy Maintenance

All exteriors need some kind of regular maintenance, but fiber cement has been a trend in residential and commercial design because it’s easy to take care of. You should inspect your exterior annually (and after severe storms), but a fiber cement exterior only requires a light wash and rinse to keep its appearance and performance in shape. No staining or sanding is required.

Nichiha’s RiftSawn fiber cement cladding in pecan on the walls of a Budget Blinds storefront.


Nichiha products can be installed both vertically and horizontally, offering you a range of design options whether you’re building a traditional family home or a modern commercial masterpiece. 

Riftsawn comes in two color options: pecan and chestnut. The rest of the Wood Series also offers a wide variety of color options, whether you want a traditional wood color such as ash, cedar or redwood. We also offer other textures you can pair with as an accent to your RiftSawn panels.

Peak Comfort

All of Nichiha’s Architectural Wall Panels are manufactured with a built-in rainscreen, which offers protection from moisture and water damage. It also helps with ventilation in your building, whether it’s a forever home or a commercial building housing thousands. This helps to improve indoor air quality in your space and also ensures a healthy, more comfortable experience.

Savvier Solutions for Wood-Alternative Cladding

A man on a backyard golf green course hitting a golf ball in front of a wall utilizing Nichiha’s RiftSawn fiber cement cladding.

The RiftSawn panels’ unique design gives both home and building owners an exterior they’ll be delighted by. You can rest easy knowing they come with the same durability and trusted solutions as our entire line of Nichiha products.

RiftSawn panels are durable, long-lasting, low maintenance, gorgeously aesthetic and utilize the same installation method as all our other products. Forgo the hassles and drawbacks of wood and utilize our RiftSawn panels for your next project. Whether it’s residential or commercial, our products are made to last and built to please. Contact a local rep or request a sample today.

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