Low Maintenance Siding Options for Your Home
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Modern Low-Maintenance Siding Options for Your Home

Low-maintenance siding is a logical choice for homeowners who want to save time, money and resources while enjoying their beautiful home. The good news is that there are multiple low-maintenance building materials to choose from, and there is one heavy-duty siding material that ranks the best in terms of easy maintenance — fiber cement.

Let’s explore all the options and find the best material for your property.

Common Wear and Tear That Affects Maintenance

When choosing low-maintenance siding, it’s important to know the biggest threats to siding and how they can affect your particular structure. Regular wear and tear is common for most homes, and the biggest culprits are quite easy to target.

In the case of most exterior siding, weather and climate play the biggest roles in causing deterioration. Weather is such a big threat because it causes a variety of problems. Sun exposure can lead to color fading on traditional siding exteriors, like wood and vinyl, and this has to be corrected by additional painting or staining in order to maintain color consistency. Temperature swings can cause some siding to expand and contract, leading to gaps in protection and additional caulking required. This is a lot of maintenance, especially considering that most homes will have at least moderate levels of sun exposure and temperature variance.

Moisture is another major culprit for causing heavy maintenance issues. Humidity and stagnant water from rain and snow can cause wood siding to rot, sag and weaken. This leads to individual siding plank replacement, which can be costly and time-intensive. Choosing a superior siding — like fiber cement — will eliminate this type of problem altogether.

Wildlife also plays a factor in determining the amount of maintenance that a particular siding material will require. Birds, rodents and insects are more attracted to natural siding materials and installations that feature gaps or open seams. Steering clear of natural wood cedar shakes or shingles is a good idea if you want to cut down on the amount of maintenance needed in the future.

Finally, installation is another important aspect that can influence exterior siding maintenance. Regardless of the material type, if the siding is installed incorrectly or in a way that leaves exposed seams or gaps, the siding is much more likely to require maintenance down the line. Choosing a low-maintenance siding option that has easy, efficient installation is a great way to avoid making installation slip-ups that lead to deterioration later on.

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Low-Maintenance Siding Options

A modern home has an attached garage. The front, French doors are green, and there are various sidings incorporated into the design.

Low-maintenance home exteriors are a great choice because they offer more durable materials and longer-lasting performance that homeowners can count on. Wood, vinyl and brick are not considered no-maintenance house siding options, so it’s best to investigate other alternatives.

Tougher materials, like steel and fiber cement, likely require much less maintenance than traditional materials. These low-maintenance siding options are superior, and the payoff is invaluable. By choosing low-maintenance home exteriors, homeowners can save valuable money and time, and they can enjoy a more sustainable, long-lasting product that produces less waste.

Fiber Cement Is the Best Low-Maintenance Siding Solution

This traditional-style home has white siding, black shutters, a two-car attached garage and a concrete driveway. There is a brick front porch with six pillars.

Fiber cement is the best low-maintenance siding option on the market because it provides one solution for all of the common threats listed above — and then some!

Because of its composition — a unique mix of cement, sand and cellulose fibers — fiber cement provides impeccable durability and strength that heavy-maintenance siding options simply can’t offer. Unlike wood, fiber cement doesn’t soak up moisture, so the panels will not rot or warp from water damage. In fact, some fiber cement siding such as architectural wall panels from Nichiha features a built-in rainscreen that offers additional protection from moisture.

Plus, the color consistency of fiber cement siding is built to last, meaning exposure to UV rays won’t cause discoloration or chipping like it commonly does with wood and vinyl. Without the need to frequently paint or stain the surface of the siding, homeowners can enjoy the freedom of less home maintenance, giving them more time to actually enjoy it.

Insect infestation and threats from wildlife are drastically reduced when using a superior, low-maintenance siding option like fiber cement, as well. Stronger, more durable materials like fiber cement have enhanced strength that makes it more difficult for animals to cause damage that requires immediate repairs and exhaustive care.

Low-maintenance fiber cement siding is the way to go for homeowners who want a durable, long-lasting product that will look great for years to come. Visit our Nichiha website today to explore our full range of beautiful, low-maintenance siding options for your home. You can also contact a representative from our team if you have any questions.

Modern Low Maintenance Siding Options for Your Home

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