How to Sell Nichiha to Your Commercial Client
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How to Sell Nichiha to Your Commercial Client

Finding exterior solutions for your commercial client can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking to give them a design that stands out when it comes to both style and building performance. That’s why more builders are using fiber-cement architectural wall panels on commercial building exteriors. 

Nichiha exterior cladding offers a few benefits to builders who need materials their clients will love. Here’s how to sell a high-performing, fiber-cement solution to your commercial clients. 


Challenges and Setbacks in Commercial Building

Communication can sometimes be a challenge between builders and their commercial clients, especially around the decisions they have to make when it comes to materials. 

You can help your clients by asking them a few questions about the products they are considering: 


While there are many reliable commercial exterior products on the market, if your commercial clients always select the same materials, they might miss out on the benefits that high-performance fiber-cement cladding offers. 

“Many of today’s most widely used building materials have limitations, especially with regard to their impact on the environment,” writes Len Williams for Engineering and Technology. “In response, innovative engineers around the world have developed new building materials that could provide an alternative.”

Nichiha’s innovative panels are certified as low-emitting materials and can help you qualify for LEED or other green building credits. They are manufactured with sustainability in mind and are tested to the most stringent safety standards. 

With Nichiha’s fiber-cement cladding solutions, commercial buildings not only gain green building credits but thanks to its durability, they also gain outstanding weather protection. Our innovative built-in rain-screen makes it difficult for bulk water to gain entry into the building envelope, reducing the possibility of mold and mildew. And with the Ultimate Clip System, the installation process is easier than ever, reducing labor time and cost.

Give Clients a Way to Create More Design Impact

Commercial contractors need materials that protect their client’s building design, long after installation. But you’ll want to know what kind of aesthetic your client is after, whether it’s classic brick or a modern design with stone. And you need to make sure your clients think about budget and time restrictions. Masonry, for example, is an expensive and messy material that may cause project delays. 

You can help your commercial clients create any design solution with fiber-cement cladding because working with Nichiha Architectural Wall Panels means any commercial design is possible. The panel selection offers an array of finishes and textures for every client’s exterior design. 

Plus, builders can save time and crew hours on a project when they work with Nichiha panels, as they’re easier to install than brick, masonry and other cladding materials. 

Miraia and Illumination panels from Nichiha’s Designer Series give commercial buildings a high-gloss design and loads of style (pictured below). 


Builders can also help commercial clients add a touch of texture to their design with Nichiha Dimension cladding. Installing these Ribbed panels, as seen below, adds a bold, dynamic appeal to building entrances, and pairing the cladding with a bright color delivers a big impact. 


Sometimes your commercial client might need the classic look of wood. You can help them find the right design for their exterior when they select Nichiha Architectural Wall Panels. Nichiha has several cladding options that deliver the style and warmth of wood (below), but not the extra maintenance that comes with using natural wood panels. 

Nichiha-Illumination-VinatageWood-Commercial, Shopping center store fronts of a Earth Fare and Talbots that use Nichiha’s VintageWood panels in the color Bark

If your client wants a more industrial look, Nichiha has a few options that offer the modern look of concrete without the pain of installation.

The EmpireBlock panels used on this exterior below helped the client achieve an affordable, contemporary design. The cladding also provides protection that meets even the strictest standards for fire and weather resilience

Nichiha-Concrete-EmpireBlock-Commercial, Column of a commercial building that shows Nichiha’s dimpled concrete series panel EmpireBlock

Give Clients Smoother Installation Solutions

Many commercial buildings and homes across the world already feature fiber-cement siding, and its popularity is growing. There’s a reason it’s so trendy with building owners and homeowners alike. They want a design that stands out but doesn’t come with the anxiety of using high-maintenance or costly building materials. 

Nichiha takes those benefits further by giving commercial installers a clip-installation process that saves them time and money. Plus, Nichiha’s Architectural Wall Panels are from ¾” - ⅝” thick — thicker than any other residential fiber-cement product on the market.

Nichiha-Rainscreen-Ultimate Clip-Installation-System, Technical Illustration of Nichiha’s integrated rainscreen system featuring fiber cement panels, an ultimate clip, joint tab attachment and starter track

Nichiha gives your commercial clients an all-in-one solution for installation, with a hidden fastening system that uses clips so your design isn’t ruined by unsightly nail and screw holes. The patented track system is also designed with a drainage channel to keep water and moisture away from the building envelope, preventing mold and water damage. 

Give Clients Resilient Solutions 

The modern-day commercial builder needs exterior solutions for their client that perform to the highest standards. Any cladding their commercial clients select will need to protect their building long after it’s installed … even in climates with severe weather. 

“When planning and designing buildings, it is appropriate to try to mitigate the potential of the spiraling cost of operational failures by opting for more resilient performance through well-thought-out investments in better planning and designs,” suggests the Whole Building Design Guide. “It no longer makes sense to wait until after a crisis to implement resilience efforts.” 

Builders can help their clients invest in the future of their building with fiber-cement cladding. All of Nichiha’s high-performing products are tested to industry standards for weather protection, fire resilience and safety. Nichiha’s Architectural Wall Panels even meet wind load codes in Miami-Dade and Los Angeles, the two strictest regulations in the country. 

Nichiha-VintageWood-Cedar-Commercial, Corner of commercial building that features Nichiha’s VintageWood panels in the color Cedar

And with proper yearly maintenance, your client’s design will last for decades when they choose Nichiha. The panels require very little upkeep, only requiring a wash and rinse every year or so. 

All building owners should inspect their exterior regularly for damage, but Nichiha’s Architectural Wall Panels come with up to a 30-year limited warranty if a replacement is needed. (You can also send them to Nichiha’s Resource Center, where they can find ample information on the products available.) 

Give Them More Commercial Design Solutions With Nichiha

“As conditions change over time, cities that are resilient can evolve in the face of disaster and stop failure from rippling through systems; they can reestablish function quickly and avoid long-term disruptions,” according to WBDG. 

When builders help their commercial clients select the highest-performing exterior materials, everyone wins. Choosing Nichiha’s fiber-cement cladding gives commercial building owners more solutions for design and durability. 

Help your clients protect any design they have in mind when they choose Nichiha: download your own presentation here. 

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