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Brand Collaboration Expedites Modular Project Timelines

Construction projects both large and small too often fall victim to preventable disruptions. Though builds are still completed, a lack of coordination can equate to less efficiency and more waste. A dearth of proper scheduling can also mean that job sites sit vacant as they await product, the right installers, or both. 

For modular projects, misalignment among builders can have far-reaching repercussions.  

To curb these tendencies and deliver a final project with a more predictable timeframe, professionals from Nichiha, a premier cladding solutions manufacturer, Wesco, a construction materials supplier and manager of supply chain logistics, and Z Modular, a modular construction company, teamed up on a modular multifamily project in the Arizona desert. The effort was success for all parties and serves as a model for how the right cooperation can result in a more efficient building process.

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A Foundation Built on Open Communication 

Nichiha, Wesco, and Z Modular took deliberate action to coordinate efforts on a multifamily project in Maricopa, AZ. Known as FLATZ 520, the 397,650 sq. ft multifamily project was designed to house 348 units and consist of 486 modules. Z Modular’s contributions would be built at their facility in nearby Chandler, AZ.  

As the project got underway, professionals from each brand opened continuous lines of communication to limit project downtime. The collaborative environment was particularly essential with lingering supply chain woes from the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to be a factor in such builds.  

 What resulted was more well-organized scheduling processes, greater product availability on the job site, and a more predictable project timeline overall. 

Overcoming Project Hurdles 

Supply chain issues continued to plague the industry at the time when FLATZ 520 was being constructed. Fortunately, the open lines of communication helped project managers ensure that FLATZ 520’s massive material needs were met. This dialogue also benefited the project’s timeline.  

The decision was made for Nichiha product to be shipped directly to the job site as opposed to Z Modular’s Chandler assembly facility. Not only did this decision benefit the product’s timeline, but it also lessened the environmental impact of having to again ship Nichiha cladding products from the assembly plant to the job site.  

Direct job site delivery also meant that product was readily available when it came time for installation. This detail was particularly vital as Z Modular transitioned work from one FLATZ 520 building to another. 

Swift & Efficient Installation 

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The establishment of more deliberate lines of communication ensured the right personnel were available for installation. This ensured seasoned crew members were scheduled to assist at the proper times.

Coordinated manpower and delivery schedules also meant that crews were properly trained on Nichiha’s unique considerations and were more confident in a proper installation. Nichiha products can be field modified, which more easily avoids order errors, equating to less waste of product, time, and effort.

Z Modular’s assembly dovetailed nicely with Nichiha’s cladding features as they were able to assemble project components in just a few minutes. With Nichiha product available and on-site, sections of FLATZ 520 were installed more quickly. 

The quick assembly, combined with Nichiha’s contemporary design offerings, meant that the project advanced rapidly. For the average passersby, the project’s significant visual progression fostered a swift change from being "under construction" to “nearly complete.” 

Future Collaboration Opportunities

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The efforts between Nichiha, Wesco, and Z Modular led to a successful project delivery. The relationships built here were not only beneficial for the project as a whole, but also for brand professionals to grow more familiar with one another’s offerings.  

For example, installers were made aware of Nichiha’s installation considerations in advance. Relevant parties learned that Nichiha’s architectural wall panels (AWP) install with the same clip system, which equated to simpler installation and less need for specialized tradesmen.   

Familiarity with the product’s unique considerations not only ensured a correct installation, but it also left less room for error. It imparts confidence in the installer and lets installers hit the ground running. 

In the future, Wesco and Z Modular better understand Nichiha’s process, allowing the brands to feel more comfortable with its specification on projects. Said familiarity can subsequently lead to a more rapid installation on other projects and more efficient builds in general.  

FLATZ 520 is now open, offering upscale living for residents.

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